As online gambling gains popularity in the world today, there has been an increasing number of people incurring gambling related debts. Instead of online gambling being a sole source of entertainment, people are relying on it to make a living and they are even committing a huge bulk of their savings into online gambling. Hence, […]


With the proliferation of the internet and the surge of online casino operations in the world, it has rendered gambling to be more convenient today. However, what happens when one loses self-control and dwells too deeply into it? Any activity does excessively becomes a problem, and so does gambling. In fact, gambling addiction has plagued […]


Gambling is fun, but only if you do it for sole entertainment purposes. Unfortunately for some out there, gambling has gotten a hold of their lives and they have become addicted to it. Gambling addiction is a real social problem in today’s society, triggering multiple responses from governmental and non-governmental bodies alike ato stamp it. […]


Gambling addiction has been a perennial problem all around the world. With the proliferation of the internet and the increasing number of online casinos all over the wold and especially around EU Online Casinos, it has since become even harder to monitor those who are addicted to gambling. More often than not, it is up […]


How effective is BetBlocker – The online casino self-exclusion platform? Are there any casinos not on BetBlocker? How to use it or uninstall the software.
One of the top Self-Exclusion platforms – Read all about the advantages and disadvantages inside.


In recent times, gambling addiction has been a perennial problem in society. This is especially so given that there is an exploding number of online casino sites and also the fact that the internet is such a ubiquitous thing today. While there have been some initiatives in stomping out gambling addiction such as Gamstop developed […]

What sports are left to bet on online during the Coronavirus?

As soon it was declared that we live in a pandemic era with the spread of death and economic gloom, our everyday choices became limited. The sports-betting industry and all sports fans itself didn’t feel prepared for something like this – a complete shutdown of major sporting events and any gatherings over 50 people. We must get used to living without sports because there is no indication they will be back anytime soon. If you are one of those who enjoy the fun of sports betting, the struggle is real for you. But, now it is time to be, let’s say “more creative”. If you think that you don’t have the opportunity to bet while sitting at home during the Coronavirus, then you are not quite right.

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