What is Treble in Football Betting?

What is Treble in Football Betting? 

Treble in football betting not on gamstop means combining three selections into a single bet. This means that you have to make three selections, of which all must win to have a return.  For instance, if you place a bet on three teams to lose, you can only win your bet if they all fail.  You will lose your bet if one of the teams wins or draws. 

If you win a treble bet, the result of the first bet will be rolled into the second, and the accumulated returns will be moved into the third.  Your bookies will provide you with the potential value of your return.  Also, you can estimate your combined odds and potential with the help of some online calculators.  

Treble betting has a higher return when compared to three single bets having the same stake.  However, it has a higher risk than the equal stake single bets; you will lose your bet if one of your selections fails. It becomes riskier when you involve higher-priced choices.  

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Examples of A Football Treble Bet 

A great way to place a triple bet is by combining the short in price or odds-on teams.  With this kind of selection, you will be able to boost your chances of winning. Let us consider this simple example:

  • Barcelona to win 8/11 
  • Man United to win 4/5 
  • Chelsea to win even 

A stake of 10 EUR would return a winning of 62.18 EUR.  The gain hers is 62.18-10 = 52.18.  Furthermore, the returns on treble bets are easy to calculate. The winnings of the first bet will be rolled into the second while the combined returns of the first and second bets will be moved into third.  

In this case, the 8/11 Barcelona would return 17.27 EUR. The result here is used to calculate the returns on Chelsea, which is 31.08.  The stake place of Chelsea, which is even, would return 62.18 EUR.   

What are the markets that you can include in treble betting? 

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One of the advantages of treble betting is that it is versatile; you can lump almost every type of bet into Tremble.  Some of the betting types that can easily be adapted to Treble betting are Correct score, Over and Under bets, Both Teams to Score, Asian handicaps, and Anytime Goal Scorer.  

Furthermore, Treble betting is not limited to football betting; you can also combine bets from different sports in Treble betting.  In other words, you can combine different types of bets from several sports in Treble betting.  


You can take advantage of treble betting to increase your earnings as a bettor.  As mentioned earlier, this betting option has a higher return, but its risk is higher when compared to single stake bets. Treble bets returns are higher because the first winning is rolled over to the second to give a higher return, which is also rolled over to the third bet.  However, the risk is higher because you will lose the bet if one selection fails. Therefore, it is recommended that you bet on lower-priced selections.