Most Popular Mobile Games of 2021

Ever since their inception alongside the release of the major app stores back in 2008, mobile gaming has moved from strength to strength and cemented itself as the most popular gaming genre in the world ever since, and this past year in particular has helped grow the space even further – many of the most popular mobile games come from specific genres, as those like online casinos and gambling sites are amongst the fastest growing and the most dedicated fan base too, but there are many individual games that have found the successes too – but which have been the most popular mobile games of 2021?

Topping out the list has been the mobile port for one of the most popular games in the world – League of Legends Wild Rift, developed by Riot Games, is the mobile take on this huge esports title and has been credited by many for all of the things that it has done correctly. Recreating a similar experience without deviating too far, whilst also being mobile friendly have been some of the key features to make it one of the most popular mobile games of the year. As a multiplayer title, it does always require you to be online and stay online during the duration of play, which makes it impossible to play during some scenarios, but for those looking to take advantage of an online mobile gaming experience, this is one to top the list.

Another newer game, and one that helps players relive a nostalgic experience, comes from Fantasian – a turn based role-playing game much like the Final Fantasy titles of old, and a game that looks gorgeous on mobile devices, it has definitely been a standout of the year and received some rave reviews. Many mobile titles have been pushing the boundaries of what the hardware is capable of in recent years, and this provides yet another example of a game doing just that, and on looks alone it is one of the better and most popular mobile games of the year, but with great mechanics and gameplay to back it up too, it’s more relatable to a AAA title than a flat mobile title, which certainly helps further.

Finally comes Northgard, a real-time-strategy city builder focussed on the Vikings that allows you to build out your city and expand outwards. The survival and city-builder genre, particularly with Vikings, was expanded upon earlier in the year with games like Valheim, and Northgard delivers something in the same realm of entertainment but on the mobile. As with all mobile titles there are some drawbacks as big features are limited because of the device, but what it does have on offer does help it stick out as one of the most popular mobile games of 2021.