How to Play Bingo Online with Friends?

Bingo is an entertaining game that you can play in the company of your friends or loved ones, whether you are together or not. Considering the current climate where everyone is required to work from home, playing online bingo games with your friends, whilst using somewhere similar to Amigo Bingo is definitely worth a try. Therefore, we are going to explain how you organize online bingo with your friends.

How to Play Virtual Bingo with Friends

The fact is that you can easily set up an online bingo game with friends. In this section, we will take you through five steps that will enable you to organize a virtual bingo game among your friends.

  • Converge Online

With the advent of a video app, it is pretty easy for a group of friends to get together online and play games together. Some of the best video apps that you can consider include Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger. If you are looking to host a virtual bingo game, you should consider using Zoom. With the Zoom app, you can set up a bingo room host and modify the background to look like a real bingo hall.

  • Select Someone that will call the bingo

You need to choose a person who will call out the bingo numbers. So, you are required to select a caller beforehand. The caller must call out the bingo numbers generated.

  • Create Bingo Tickets

Apart from choosing the caller, you also need to decide on the type of bingo game to play, whether 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo. The 75 ball bingo uses numbers from one to seventy-five, while that of 90 ball bingo extends to ninety. The next step is to create free bingo cards and distribute them among participants.

  • Start the Game

You can play the games by using the random number generator or bingo number generator. Note that you can use the bingo number generator from the website you got the bingo ticket. To use the bingo number generator, click on the “Call Game.” The next step is to press the “Start Game.” You are advised to go through the video guide available online if you get stuck at any stage.

If you are playing 90 ball bingo, set the number generator from one to ninety, while you set from one to seventy-five if you select a 75 ball bingo. To get a random number, press “generate.” The caller need to keep a note of all the generated bingo numbers, and also share their screen to avoid arguments among players.

  • Winners and prizes

Players who emerged as winners either for a full house or a Bingo line will be offered a prize. You can quickly raise a fund for the winner via different payment options. Some of the options that you can consider include PayPal, Monzo, JustGiving, and many others.


With the steps given below, you will be able to play bingo online with friends and family. You can also visit some of the top-rated bingo sites not on gamstop and make friends in their bingo rooms. This way, you can play the game on a safe and regulated bingo site.