If you have arrived here, you’ll likely know what GamStop is and how it can help UK gamblers. However, those registered with GamStop and still looking to play at bingo sites not on GamStop can look at our below list for an idea of the best places to play.

There are many popular non-GamStop brands that players can access, and these sites have experienced a significant increase in popularity as more people exclude themselves from online gambling. Most will know that services like GamStop make it difficult for people to enjoy the activities they love. This is problematic when people later change their minds about self-excluding.

Players should always remember to gamble responsibly, as the activity can be risky. For problem gamblers, this risk turns into guaranteed financial ruin, which is why bingo sites not on GamStop should be used with caution. While they are certainly appealing, the reality is that these sites and, additionally, this guide should only be used by people who can control their gambling habits.

Top 7 Bingo websites not on GamStop

1. NonStop Casino – 950% bonus up to £7,000

Our favourite bingo site is NonStop Casino. They offer online bingo games from Salsa Technology, Caleta and Belatra, among others. You can also play live Bingo in the live casino section.

Some popular bingo titles are:

  • Atlantis Bingo
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Candy Bingo

If you’re also into casino online slots, you can find a huge variety of slots from NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft and claim a slots bonus on your first two deposits of up to £7,000. 

Non Stop Casino live bingo
Non Stop Casino live bingo

play now at Non Stop Casino bingo

2. Mr Big Wins Casino – 250% bonus up to £1,500 

Mr Big Wins is a great site for playing bingo games online. They have various titles from many developers, including Inbet, Rival Caleta and Salsa Technology. 

Some of their most popular bingo games are:

  • 80-Ball Bingo
  • Mega Bingo
  • Turbo Bingo

The online casino also offers slots and live casino tables from many providers, including Play’n GO, Yggdrasil and NetEnt. New players from the UK can claim a slots bonus on their first two deposits and get up to £1,500.

play now at Mr Big Wins Casino bingo

3. Blood Moon Casino – 100% bonus up to £800

Blood Moon Casino offers a variety of real money bingo games from Salsa Technology, EA Gaming and Rival, tucked away in their table games section. Their top list of bingo games includes popular titles, such as:

  • 30-Ball Bingo
  • Super Zodiac Bingo
  • Bingo Delight

Aside from Bingo, you can play over 1,000 online slots from well-known developers such as Betsoft or NetEnt and claim a slots welcome bonus of up to £800 on your first deposit. Blood Moon Casino also offers sports betting options with thousands of current events.

4. Players Club VIP– 222% bonus up to £1,000

At Players Club VIP Casino, you can find online bingo games from many studios, including Caleta, Vibra, Salsa Technology, and Rival. You can search for the games using the search bar or find them in the table games section. Popular Bingo games at Players Club VIP are:

  • Show Ball
  • Bingo Tornado
  • Bingo Royale

Aside from Bingo, the website offers sports betting, live casino and online slots. New players can receive a welcome bonus of up to £1,000 for the slots.

play now at Players Club VIP Casino bingo

5. Luck of Spins Casino – 300% bonus up to £1,200

Luck of Spins Casino is a Wild-West-themed gambling website with a great Bingo selection from popular developers. You can deposit with credit cards or crypto, and find some famous Bingo games, such as:

  • Cuca’s Swamp Bingo
  • Crypto Mania Bingo
  • 90-Ball Bingo

The international casino accepts UK players and offers a welcome bonus of up to £1,200, which you can use with slots from select developers.

Cuca's Swamp Bingo
Cuca’s Swamp Bingo

Play now at Luck of Spins Casino bingo

6. Slots Dreamer Casino – 400% bonus up to £1,200 on your first deposit

Those nostalgic about the 1980s may be interested in Slots Dreamer Casino. The neon-coloured theme creates a funky atmosphere, making their fantastic Bingo game selection even more enjoyable. You can play Caleta, Salsa Technology and Rival Bingo, and some of these popular games, including live casino Bingo: 

  • Banana Bingo
  • Candy Bingo 3D
  • Bingo Earth Room

UK players can use their credit card to play Bingo and receive a low-wagering slots bonus of up to £1,200 on their first deposit.

Slots Dreamer Casino Candy Bingo
Slots Dreamer Casino Candy Bingo

play now at Slots Dreamer Casino bingo

7. The Red Lion – 750% bonus up to £3,000

Enjoy a pub atmosphere at The Red Lion Casino and play entertaining Bingo games for real money. Software providers include Rival, Caleta and Eagaming, among others. You can find these titles:

  • Super Flex Bingo
  • Caishen Riches Bingo
  • Super Bola

The Red Lion also offers a slots welcome bonus on your first three deposits, and you can claim up to £3,000. Aside from Bingo, the game selection includes online slots, live casino games and sports betting.

play now at the Red Lion Casino bingo

Features of Bingo sites not on GameStop

The GamStop service was launched in 2018 and is the UK’s national self-exclusion gambling network. Even though this scheme has been in place for some time now, many still search for bingo sites not on GamStop. This is because although the service is designed to protect players, there are some disadvantages to GamStop.

One of the major issues players may face is the limitation of available places to play after using schemes like GameStop. Also, people have complained that they cannot play at online casinos even after their exclusion period has ended. This is because the UKGC has strict policies, and operators will try to protect themselves by blocking those who have been on GamStop before.

Given this, it is no wonder why more people are looking for bingo sites not on GamStop. On the other hand, these options are not licensed by the UKGC, which means many will wonder if it is safe to gamble at these alternatives. Fortunately, players can find out everything they need to know here, as one of our top missions is to keep our readers up to date with all relevant iGaming topics.

Game variations at UK Bingo sites

Most will agree that Bingo is a popular gambling activity in many parts of the world. However, some might be surprised that people enjoy many game variations. Here are some of the best versions of Bingo.

Online Bingo with 80 Balls

When playing online, players have the option to access 80-ball Bingo. In this game, the arrangement is a 4×4 grid that has 16 numbers on the card.

  • The first column shows the numbers 1 to 20
  • The second column shows the numbers 21 to 40

The aim of the game is to have a winning pattern, but this can be different depending on the game.

Speed Bingo with 30 Balls

As the name would suggest, speed bingo is faster than the original game as it only contains 30 balls. The game is played on a 3×3 grid showing nine numbers on the card. Speed bingo has overall higher prizes, as there is only one winner per game.

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is a variation growing in popularity worldwide, but it’s primarily played in North America. It’s a spin on the more popular 90-ball bingo game, as there is a higher potential for crazier patterns. To win, players must complete the predetermined pattern on their card to call Bingo.

90-Ball Bingo

Many veteran Bingo players would agree that when it comes to sheer popularity, 90-ball Bingo is the clear winner. This is the classic game that everybody knows how to play – people only need to daub their numbers as they are called until they have a straight-line pattern. There can be up to three winners in this game variation.

Blackout Bingo

This variation is prevalent in the US and differs from bingo games players might have played before. Instead of getting five in a row, the objective is to have 25 spots on the bingo card. The arrangement is a 4×4 block, also a blackjack bingo variation. Players can win by ‘blacking out’ all 4×4 blocks on the bingo card.

Bingo Tournaments

These can be extremely fun for talented bingo players as this is where gamblers play a series of Bingo games and receive a point for every game won. This differs from traditional bingo games, as winners are declared after the end of every match instead of at the end of a series.

Bingo slot machines and Slingo

A Bingo slot machine is a virtual game where software determines the numbers. The experience is less exciting than real Bingo, where the numbers are drawn from a machine. There is also the game Slingo, which is a mix of Bingo and online slot machine.

Bingo patterns

Everyone who has played Bingo will know that the game consists mainly of patterns. Filling up the pattern on the bingo card dictates whether players win, but Bingo is unique in that it is hard to predict the patterns. This unpredictability and the sheer variation of patterns make Bingo exciting.

As Bingo is a classic game, the many different patterns can be divided into two categories: standard and crazy patterns. While standard patterns are excellent to play with, many players will agree that the crazier the pattern, the more fun the game is.

  • The standard bingo patterns consist of a vertical line, diagonal line, horizontal line, corners, and four corners.
  • On the other hand, the popular crazy patterns are the triple stamp, diamond, crazy O, crazy T, and many others.

Some bingo sites dedicate themselves to only providing games with crazy patterns to attract more players. Additionally, some sites even offer bigger rewards for crazier patterns, which helps to incentivise new and old players to play a few more rounds.

People need to concentrate when playing Bingo and monitor their spending as it is easy to get carried away. This is especially true when playing at bingo sites without GamStop as these places typically have fewer limits.

Deposit and withdrawal methods at Bingo sites not signed on GamStop

Players can use many payment methods on UK bingo sites not on GamStop. Here are some options players can use to deposit and withdraw.

Prepaid cards and cash vouchers

Prepaid cards and cash vouchers are popular with those who want to remain anonymous online, as using these deposit options will not require players to share their personal information with the Bingo site. While they are not accepted at all online bingo sites, some operators accept voucher payments.

Credit Cards

Credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa or Amex are standard payment options at non-GamStop Bingo sites and are available for players worldwide.

Credit cards are great for UK players, considering they are no longer allowed at UKGC-licensed sites.


E-Wallets such as Neteller, PayPal or Skrill are not commonly accepted at UK offshore casinos with Bingo. However, if they are accepted, you can use them to make fast withdrawals and deposits.


Using crypto is an excellent way for players to stay anonymous as they are not connected to personal bank accounts. Many non-GamStop Bingo sites allow players to make offshore crypto deposits, allowing them to deposit securely and quickly. While the most popular options, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are typically accepted, the best bingo sites will also accept many more crypto options.

How do I find my way around GamStop to the best Bingo sites?

For those who never want to gamble again, GamStop is an excellent service. However, there are also alternatives that some people prefer. Options such as Gamban and Gamlock allow people to take short breaks from gambling.

On the other hand, GamStop differs from these examples as operators view all players who have ever been on GamStop with hesitation. This means they still might not offer customers their services even after the GamStop exclusion period has ended. Given this, it is clear why many gamblers are trying to get around GamStop and have migrated to non-GamStop sites. They are sought after by people looking for trusted options where they can gamble. Fortunately, finding an online Bingo site not on GamStop is easy.

These non-GamStop sites typically offer many Bingo games to choose from. You simply need to search for Bingo in the site’s search bar, and you can see available games.

Why are Bingo sites joining the GamStop network?

There will likely be many who are wondering why bingo sites decide to join GamStop at all, considering that they make a living off of gambling. Naturally, encouraging GamStop will reduce earning potential, but there are two reasons to explain this.

GamStop is compulsory

There is no doubt that GamStop should have been compulsory a long time ago. It’s a requirement for operators wishing to obtain a license from the UKGC to participate in the GamStop scheme. This means that all the UK Bingo rooms are on GamStop. Some experts believe that self-exclusion databases may eventually be shared between different authorities, encouraging even more gambling sites to partner with services like GamStop.

Revenue and reputation matters

Operators look at the options they have available to them before joining GamStop or applying for a UKGC licence. Partnering with the scheme would mean losing potential customers. Still, the opposite could result in bad publicity and affect earnings. However, reputation matters a lot, so some bingo sites have decided to join GamStop to present the image of responsible gambling.

Pros & Cons of online Bingo sites not on GamStop:

Many players are wondering if non-GamStop sites are safe to play at. We have done all the research so players can have peace of mind and play safe bingo games not on GamStop. However, accessing them has advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Exclusive bonuses and promotions. Non-GamStop bingo sites work hard to make players feel appreciated. That is why they offer a great selection of bonuses. These bonuses allow you to play the games longer and enjoy more rounds.
  2. No “must-have” options like on the UK licensed bingo providers. A UK license means operators must implement certain features due to the UKGC’s regulations. Bingo sites not on GamStop aren’t bound by these same rules, meaning they can focus more on providing a great gambling experience.
  3. Created for bingo fans all over the world. As there are many other customers around the globe seeking a place to play Bingo, non-GamStop bingo sites are usually created for players everywhere.
  4. Operators not licensed by UKGC. The UKGC clarifies that all UK operators must sign up with GamStop to own a license. As offshore bingo sites aren’t licensed in the UK, GamStop-registered players can play at these casinos.
  5. Lack of regular deposit options. While there are many benefits to using non-Gamstop bingo sites, there are also drawbacks, such as limited payment methods. The deposit options that people can use are often limited to credit cards, cryptocurrency or vouchers.
  6. A small collection of bingo games. Licensed operators get access to the best software providers in the business, so it makes sense that people can only play a few bingo games on non-GamStop sites. However, this is to be expected and is the cost of being registered with GamStop.
  7. Tempting for problem gamblers. Problem gamblers can access these sites after signing up for GamStop, and it is hard to help them from this point. This is because these sites have no universal exclusion option, and people have to rely on themselves to gamble responsibly.

How to pick the best Bingo sites Not on GamStop?

Step 1. Non GamStop Bingo chat group

Chat groups are a great addition to any bingo site, and players should try to choose an option with this feature, as it helps enhance the gambling experience. Talking with other players is always a good thing. Sites with group messaging, private messaging and a large selection of emojis will undoubtedly help the chosen site’s community thrive.

Step 2. Prizes

Operators who provide non-GamStop bingo sites typically charge players to enter a bingo room. Then, they pool that money as a prize for one winner. It can even happen where there is no winner, and the money rolls over to the next game until a winner is determined.

This means that people can win big when playing Bingo, but there are other prizes that players can receive, too. Many non-GamStop sites offer players a welcome bonus where they can claim a matched deposit. No deposit bonuses are also standard, allowing players to start playing without depositing anything. However, these bonuses typically have strict conditions you must understand before claiming the offer.

Step 3. Bingo variety

In any activity, variety is crucial in stopping people from becoming bored. This is why players should select bingo sites with an assortment of games. Most non-GamStop examples have a lot of bingo variations, so players shouldn’t have to look far if they want to access Bingo with special bonus balls, exciting themes and more.

Step 4. Player modes

There are two ways of playing Bingo: single-player and multiplayer.

Single-mode is where players can play their favourite bingo games alone, as no other players can join these rooms. There is no prize pool at the end of the game. Instead, players can win fixed real money rewards if they get lucky enough. Playing single-player Bingo is a great way to get familiar with the game. It is suitable for those who don’t like playing with others.

In multiplayer mode, players can play together. Their entry fees are pooled to be won at the end of the game. This is advised for those who have tried single mode and now understand the game well. In this mode, players compete against each other.

Step 5. Software providers

It is also essential to consider the software providers that provide their games to non-GamStop sites. The operator typically does not monitor or create these games. Game providers should be licensed or certified by an independent testing service that declares the software fair and random.

Why play Online Bingo not on GamStop?

At UK bingo sites, there are strict rules that operators must adhere to, which can limit the gambling experience at UK-licensed operators. Of course, this is all to reduce problem gambling. However, not everyone is a problem gambler, and some people want a more unrestricted gambling experience, hence the popularity of non-GamStop bingo sites. Here are some of the best reasons people enjoy playing Bingo not on GamStop.

  • Impressive bonuses and promotions – Bingo sites not on GamStop offer better bonuses than traditional sites, and everyone loves a great deal
  • No restrictions on gambling – At bingo sites licensed in the UK, stakes are limited, but this is not the case at non-GamStop sites. This means that players have more freedom to gamble as they see fit.
  • Excellent payment options – Following the UK credit card gambling ban, players may want to access gambling sites that still allow them to use credit cards. Fortunately, many non-GamStop bingo sites allow players to do exactly this.

Conclusion for online Bingo sites that are not on GamStop

Something important to remember is that non-GamStop bingo sites are legal to play at, and UK players cannot get in trouble for accessing these sites. Players can play anywhere they want online. The UKGC only allows licensed operators to promote their services in the UK. However, UK players can play at any foreign casino at their own risk.

Playing at offshore bingo sites gives players more options if they can’t play at UKGC-licensed sites for whatever reason.

Bingo Sites not on GamStop FAQ

Are there any casinos with bingo sites not on GamStop?

Many international bingo websites are available, but we have selected some of the best ones for you, and you can find them at the top of this page.

What are the best Bingo sites not on GamStop?

The best site to play Bingo constantly changes as new sites are regularly introduced. However, the best brands can currently be found at the top of the page.

Is it safe to play at non GamStop Bingo sites?

If a reputable authority licenses the site, it is safe to play at. Gambling authorities take malpractice very seriously, so operators know to play ball or face losing their license and their earnings.

What are the advantages of playing Non-GamStop Bingo?

Players who play Bingo not on GamStop have many advantages, such as incredible bonuses and promotions. The bingo game selection at these sites is excellent, and many of the world’s best software developers are offering their games.

What are the Drawbacks of Bingo Non-GamStop?

There will naturally be some concern when playing on bingo sites not on GamStop. When issues arise on regular gambling sites, players can easily appeal to the UKGC. However, with non-GamStop bingo sites, players will have a more challenging time appealing, and the process can take much longer due to the licensing authority being located in a different country.








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About the Author: Ben Walker
About the Author: Ben Walker

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The site and the information I list are aimed to help players stay away from shady gambling sites and have a safe gambling experience.