Online Casino Customer Service – What to Look Out For

Over the years, customer service and customer experience has become a vital part of casinos, particularly those played online and has often been used as an identifier between operators that are exciting to use and those that should be avoided with ratings too – when looking to explore a new online casino option, what are the customer service features that should be a consideration?

Response times are important – This is something that customer service teams are often judged on the most, and something that should be towards the top of the list if a player ever feels like they’ll need help from support. Live chat features have often been tipped as having instant response but some customer feedback may show this isn’t the entire truth, similarly email response times can vary widely and if this is the only contact option available it’s important to know how long the response times will take – a little research ahead of time through different review sites will often show what the truth of the matter is, as response times should be used as an indicator for whether or not customer service is up to scratch.

Contact options on offer – Whilst this has become more uniform across most operators, some online casinos do offer a bit of variety in the customer contact options. Email is almost always used as standard, and live chat has become more common to see in modern services too – older sites will often have a dedicated phone line too for customers looking to get in contact that way, but these options have become a bit dated over time. The most modern option is offered as a more robust frequently asked question page – clicking through some responses until an answer is found and whilst not directly contacting the customer service team, can streamline the process too.

The agents can’t be overlooked, either – As the point of contact to the players, the customer service agents also play an important role in the service – review sites often give the best look into this and provide information around how well agents have performed in the past and whilst operators can change a customer service team regularly, it may give insight into the policy used. Much like the other points, reading up on how agents have performed at a particular service in the past can provide information to how they may receive new players too.

Particularly where large figures can be exchanged, ensuring the team that are there to help a player are able to do so in a satisfactory way is a very important factor, and keeping an eye out for operators with great customer service can have a profound impact on the gaming experience too.