Kansas sports betting could come sooner than expected

Less than a week after the state’s lottery commissioner sounded a pessimistic note on the launch of sports betting in Kansas, a more positive message emerged last Friday. The state’s Racing and Gaming Commission (KRGC) unanimously approved regulations for the market, which have now been forwarded to the state’s Attorney General for approval. If this […]

Betting Over Casino, the US iGaming Market

The US iGaming market has been seeing a huge amount of activity since 2018 when federal change allowed individual states to make their own decisions around online gambling and betting regulation – the changes have come with varying amounts of success, Colorado was amongst the first to make change and posted impressive figures in its […]

Online Gambling Trends for 2022

Although we’re just over halfway through the year, 2022 has been a huge year for online gambling as different countries with the US in particular pushing for major regulation change and bringing new services online with game developers and providers pushing out new content too. This big push for online gaming is leading to trends […]

Online Casinos: What to Check Before Playing

With such a large number of options available across almost every country in the world, but with a variety of differences within, choosing an online casino to play at can seem like a daunting and overwhelming choice with thousands of responses to a search. When getting started, a simple checklist of things to go through […]

Does Website Layout Impact Online Casinos?

With anything in the online space, there are often decisions that need to be made around design choice and styling – online casinos are no exception here and whilst they’re available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, there also tends to be many common choices across all sites as standardized website layouts seem common. Some […]

Features that Changed Online Casinos

Whether it be through changing player attitudes or the evolution of games and services over time, online casinos can pull in millions of users per week and it’s the big features that separate certain games from others. These features can be available in all shapes and sizes, whether they change the way the games play, […]

Online Gambling Size by Market

Different sources have been ripe with news over the past few years as major change is occurring in the iGaming space, whether it’s the growth of new markets as is being seen across the US with changes to sports betting, or a crackdown on certain existing markets with Europe and the UK in particular as […]

Card Counting and Online Casinos

A question still regularly asked at casinos both online and offline is around the practice of card counting – it has been immortalized in film and there are many stories of celebrities who have a deft hand at card games and have been suspected of counting cards too. As the saying goes too, whilst card […]

Different Platforms for Online Gambling

As online gambling has grown over the past decade with the launch of mobile platforms, this isn’t the only popular choice for different gaming options as different platforms are suited for different players. Many are very similar in terms of what types of games they offer, and the type of gameplay offered too, but others […]

UKGC Update Customer Care Duties

Over the past few years, the UK Gambling Commission has been one of the most active leading change in the space from changing payment methods to the mandatory requirement of Gamstop incentives for all services operating with a UK license. More recent changes also include adjustments to advertising permissions as services are now longer allowed […]

Types of Slots Explained

At both online and offline casinos, slots games are often amongst the most played games available as they’re easy to understand and don’t require any deeper knowledge of game theory or skill – simply pull the leaver, or click the button, and the game plays itself. There’s a huge amount of variety in slots games […]

US Sees Real Money Casinos Growth

It has been an exciting few years for iGaming as services have grown exponentially in a relatively short period of time as disruptions to brick and mortar locations led to many players turning to online alternatives – as these increased player numbers have stuck around, it has led to a thriving online casino space in […]

The UK iGaming Revival Plan

Despite having been through a large number of changes over the past two years which has seen major change to payment options and the way some games can be played, iGaming is still a key part of the UK governments economic recovery plan following the pandemic as online casinos and sportsbooks are bigger than they’ve […]

Tips for Playing Responsibly at Online Casinos

Over the years, online casinos have only become more accessible and play options have continued to increase too – now the biggest operators are represented in a huge number of countries around the world and often feature thousands of different games too leading to a huge number of opportunities to play and win – but […]

Relax Gaming Expand iGaming Offering

Partnerships and collaborations within the iGaming space are becoming more common as operators and developers are looking to expand the selections that are available to players – it’s no surprise then when an industry leader with pick up a new acquisition or sign a new partnership for this very reason and that’s exactly what has […]

Michigan Show Continued iGaming Success

As with many other states across the US, 2019 marked the date where regulation had started to change for Michigan with bills passing to allow both online sports betting, and the less common ability to offer online gambling too – although it had to go through some initial review process, the Michigan Gaming Control Board […]

Exploring Tax on Casino Winnings

Coming into a good amount of money can have a huge impact, whether this is from a successful change in salary, an inheritance, or in some instances a big win at the casino or the lottery. Depending on where this windfall comes from, however, it can be subject to different tax rules and different taxation […]

Popular Casino Game Themes

With so many different online casino games out on the market, efforts are often made to make certain titles stand out amongst many others and be as attractive as possible to a much wider audience, the most common way to do this is to incorporate either popular characters from the biggest IPs on the market […]

Are Loot Boxes Considered to be Gambling?

Throughout 2020 and 2021 there had been a lot of news emerging around the growing prominence of loot boxes within online gaming – the microtransactions had been used as a way to provide players with unique in-game items, and for the years prior had been something largely ignored. Problems started to emerge as certain games […]

How To Win Online Poker

A game of skill and something that has only increased in popularity over time with online tournaments, online games, and online content, Poker is a go-to player favorite for those looking to take part in something that’s more competitive than any other Poker game. Whilst the base of the game is easy to learn, there’s […]

Understanding Poker

As a continuation in the series taking a look at some of the biggest games available at online casinos, this will take a look at all things Poker and to help newcomers understand some more in-depth things that make up the online Poker space and perhaps even some understandings that can help more experienced players […]

Understanding Baccarat

There’s a huge variety of different games available at online casinos and many of the big names include the slots, poker, and blackjack amongst many others – but there has been a resurgence for many other popular games in recent years with a changing audience and changing styles for casinos as a whole. One of […]

Choosing the Right Casino Game

When first taking a look at a casino, whether online or offline, it can often be quite overwhelming at the huge number of different titles on offer across the various different categories – for experienced players who know what they’re after, it can be very easy to navigate, but as a new player, what’s the […]

Vegas Casinos Up for Sale

Casinos can sometimes be seen as a business that’s “too big to fail” particularly the long-established names across the Vegas strip – so when news emerges of casinos that are up for sale it does raise some eyebrows for what the reason could be, and whether or not there were underlying issues that hadn’t been […]

US Gambling Hits Record High

It has been an exciting year for punters in the US as throughout 2020 and 2021 more news had emerged of changing legislation that would allow more players to experience options both online and offline – this has been shown in the numbers too, with an annual record being set in 2019 of $43.65 billion, […]

Offline Gambling Breaks Prior Records

Whilst online gambling has been growing by a huge margin with operators launching new services and new legislation has been passing to enable different states and different countries to succeed, questions have been rising around the traditional brick-and-mortar locations and how they may look to perform following the onset of temporary closures and re-opening procedures […]

An Opportunity for Casino Apps to Emerge

Mobile apps have been leading the way in the gaming space as mobile as a whole looks to take over, the big focus for game developers and similar has been fixed on the still growing mobile market as demographics and audiences change to include those who are a bit older and who have a disposable […]

Blackjack Terms Explained

Card and tabletop games at casinos have a lot of terminology that can come and go but doesn’t really change much over time, but there may be some more niche terms that aren’t familiar to experienced players and many terms that aren’t immediately obvious for newcomers too – understanding these terms can help chances of […]

Getting Started with Competitive Gambling

Whilst many casino games are great to enjoy as a solo experience, and something that many players have a strong preference for, but for others there’s also the yearning for a very different experience – the big wins, and knowing that another player just isn’t as good, and that’s where the competitive side of gambling […]

Essential Tips to Win at Blackjack

Whilst Blackjack is essentially a game of chance, being a skilled player can separate the bad from the good, and the good from the great, as the best players introduce aspects of their own game that help them win more hands than they lose – understanding the rules of the game and all of the […]

Lucky Charms for Casino Players

Whether through themes on different games or through physical objects that players may have once taken to the casino, lucky charms play a huge role in the playing mentality for many players and if a game features some of these symbols or charms, it’s certainly more likely an option to play at. We’ve put together […]

Software Behind Online Casinos

Over the past decade as the number of different software providers have increased, more users have been curious about the software and the inner workings behind online casinos biggest games and the other features the offer too. For most, the experience provided really stands out and is what keeps bringing players back to the online […]

The Best Casino Games for New Players

Online casinos have been finding huge success in recent years as online platforms have continued to grow and expand their gaming selections – so much so that there’s a game out there for just about everyone depending on tastes and preferences. Many of these games are much more suited to newcomers however, whether they have […]

4 Tips to Start Winning

Perhaps one of the biggest draws for online casinos is the opportunity to win big and walk away with a life changing amount of money – whether it’s playing for fun or playing to win there are different approaches to take, but most players refuse to adjust where necessary to start winning. There are those […]

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