Will we see a rise in online gambling during the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is having a huge impact on some of the biggest industries in the world. Some areas have hit the jackpot while others have had a losing streak for months long. Stocks for airlines and hospitality have hit low as nobody is flying or eating out, whilst areas like the nz stock market have remained steady thanks to their successful virus response measures. The odds on who will pull out of the slump or who will go bust are just not clear. But what about the gambling industry? People are quarantined at home and can’t go to their favourite casino to play slot machines, cards or roulette. Will it go the way of the hospitality industry?

Tourism is closely related to the casino’s success. Tourists are probably one of the main groups that are gambling and now, the whole tourism industry is hit badly also and that’s why land casinos will lose a lot of money.

Sporting events are also impacting the way in which people gamble. Typically people will gamble on football games and boxing matches, just to name a few, but with these events having been temporarily stopped so has betting on said events. While people are unable to attend sporting events, the need to make money is still very much prevalent with some relying on it as a source to top up their income. It is expected that people will change their hand to a different game during the time in which their usual sporting event is out of action.

The first significant increase in online gambling came from Europe (especially in Italy and the United Kingdom). This increase is spreading worldwide faster than the coronavirus itself. Online Casinos are offering more and more tournaments and games, and people love that.

Why do you need to shift to online gambling?

The internet has already changed a lot of aspects of our life, so why not gambling too? Gambling has always been one of the best entertainment options for many people. In the last decade, the online gambling industry has expanded massively.

Thanks to the huge advancements of technology, online casinos are achieving the goal of convincing a lot of people to enjoy gambling from the comfort of their homes. There are also a lot of benefits that online casinos offer. They often offer casino bonuses and online casino offers that people find attractive.

According to the latest research, people love almost every aspect of online gambling. You can use cryptocurrencies, it’s anonymous and easily accessible for older categories and handicapped people. You are doing everything from the comfort of your home or wherever you want.

Online gambling is less expensive than gambling in a real casino. You save money on the accommodation, the plane tickets or gas if you are traveling by car, save money on the food, etc.

While gambling online, your only cost is the amount of money you spent on betting at sites not with gamstop. You will need a computer or a smartphone, and internet access (which you probably have). It’s as simple as that. Research in the USA has shown that online gambling will save you between $1000 – $1500 compared to “offline gambling”.

So, you save on time, money and convenience. But what about a variety of games? Online Casinos are leading in that segment also. You have thousands of games and big variety on them as well.

If you are not satisfied with the games in your current online casino, with just one click you can switch to other, it’s easy as that.

Online Casinos run promotions all the time. One of the most popular promotion is so called Deposit Bonus.

This promotion means that for every dollar you deposit using credit cards at credit card casinos or other payment methods, you will get an extra dollar from the international casino. These types of bonuses usually are offered to new accounts.

It’s also common to Online Casinos to give you free cash (amounts of $5, $10, and up to $20 dollars) to play with. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Risks of gambling online during coronavirus

Like out top casinos without a UK licence experts said earlier, the coronavirus quarantine means a downturn for many industries, but not for the No ID verification Online Casinos. We need to embrace the fact that the world is changing and our new reality won’t be easy to accept.

People are missing basic everyday things from before and most of the time they are spending, they are relying on technology as entertainment.

This is where online gaming comes in. For most people, online gambling may be the cure for solitude and a quality way of spending their time. But for some people, this industry can be cruel.

We need to be careful about how much money we spend while gambling. Always read carefully and don’t click or accept anything that you haven’t read.

As we move further and further in this crisis, a lot of people will join Online non gamstop Casinos, and that’s fine. That’s not the problem in this whole situation. People need to do something that will distract them from this whole crisis and depression that the world is facing right now, and online gambling is great for entertainment

. What we need to achieve in order to be safe while gambling online, is to see the gambling as a form of entertainment and not a way to make money, accept that our spending limits may be less than others and to be in control of how much time and money you are spending while gambling.

Stay home, stay safe, have fun and please gamble responsibly!

Advantages of gambling online during Covid-19

After ten years of constant growth in the industry, online gambling is now spread worldwide.

At first, people were skeptical and didn’t trust in this way of online entertainment. But after a while, people noticed that online gambling is way more practical and better than land casinos.

Okay, maybe you are going to miss the engagement you have with other players in land casinos, but with all new technology, believe us – Malta online casinos are the real deal and there are few reasons why is that!

Convenience is one of the most significant benefits of online casinos. You can play your favourite games, all of them available one click away from the comfort of your own home.

Most of the online casinos have free playing area, where you can test new games before gambling with real money.

All you need is your computer or a smartphone and internet connectivity. Online casinos are safe, secure and fair. Always stick with the most reputable casinos and you will not need to worry.

One of the most appealing things that you’ll love is the benefit of getting constant bonuses and rewards (something that you won’t experience from the land-based casinos).

And last but most important, during these hard times because of the coronavirus, online casinos will help you stay isolated and safe in the comfort of your home.

Methods to control your money management

Keeping your cash flow under control when gambling online is one of the most crucial things.

The best way to manage your money is to set up a budget. Setting a budget will give you a clear view of your finances and will help you to control your cash flow.

It is very important for you to be in control of how much you are spending and you can make changes according to your budget. Budgeting can help you to understand the patterns of your spending and also can help you with setting goals for yourself.

That way, you can save a percentage of your winnings and put it in savings. Also, remember: don’t borrow money to gamble, set limits and stick to them and never gamble while drinking.


It’s more than clear that we will see a big rise in online gambling during the coronavirus. Overall, it is a much better solution than regular land-based casinos.

You will get a lot more benefits from online casinos and most importantly during this pandemic times, you will be safe and sound in your home. More than ever, online casinos are offering new games and promotions.

You can use that and free your mind from all these negative news on the television and social media. Being safe currently is the most important thing, but people are always seeking entertainment in times like these and that’s why online gambling as a form of entertainment is a great choice.

But please remember: there are certain risks in online gambling (so be careful), keep your money management under control and always play for entertainment and not for making money.

Once again, stay safe and enjoy the entertainment from the comfort of your home!