Casinos to Avoid

Casinos to avoid

Many people enjoy casino gaming. Some would treat casino gambling as a simple pastime while others think of it as a hobby. Casinos are exciting and fun, especially if you are winning. For some, it is just for fun, but big time betters think of casino gaming as part of their lives.

Casinos are facilities that offer various gambling activities. It is usually located near hotels, resorts, restaurants and other busy  areas to attract customers. There are tons of games that you can play in casinos. Big time games often get the attention because of the winnings and bonuses at stake. Now that casino games can be played online, people can easily access and play in it.

This has become a convenient choice, as people need not go to casinos to play and win. They just have to sign up with an online casino site to play and place bets. But people who play online should be cautious with the casino sites that they are signing up with and should pay close attention in order to learn which casinos to avoid and which ones are safe. This is to prevent them from having troubles and problems online.

In this review, the casino experts behind maximumcasinos have brought together all the details you will need in order to learn which sites you should stay away from and which casinos not on gamstop you can trust.

The difference can be between losing money and getting your winnings or simply between responsive support and non responsive support agents.

Below you will find:

  • Top list of Safe Casinos that can be trusted
  • Instructions on the practices players should take to avoid scam casinos
  • Common Questions & Answers regarding this differences between safe casinos and scam casinos


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What are Unlicensed Casinos?

Most of the time, first time casino players will not really look into the licenses of the sites. They are after the games, bonuses and winnings. There are only a few who would look into the site’s license first before signing up. Casinos that do not have licenses are those that did not apply or register with the gaming legislation of their country. The owners may have various reasons why they did not get licenses and permits. But most of the time, their reasons are because of the taxes. Unlicensed casino sites can still operate online and get as many players as they can. However, it is sketchy as in reality; you are playing in an illegal casino gaming site.

Since casinos are businesses, it is expected that these have permits and licenses. But there are betting sites not on gamstop with a licence and some that are unlicensed. Most of these are online casinos, and despite having no license, there are still players that opt to play in unlicensed casino platforms.

When online casinos are unlicensed, you can expect that they have a different set of rules. There is also a risk in playing in unlicensed online casino sites as you might end up getting tricked or scammed. For first time players, it can be difficult to detect whether or not a site is licensed.

But with investigation and thorough checking, you can avoid getting into offshore casino sites and avoid the dangers that these sites give to their players.

casinos not on gamstop

What are the Dangers of Playing in an Unlicensed Casino?

●Sites are unregulated

It is like sign up at your own risk. It is possible that the unlicensed casino site is a scam or fraud. And you do not get any protection since you opt to register in an illegal site. The country cannot put strict laws on the site since it is not registered and considered discrete.

●Payment methods are limited

Unlike licensed casinos that offer tons of payment options, these offshore casino sites have limited options in payment. Usually, some modes of payments are blocked from unlicensed casino sites.

●Uses different currency

If you are in US and the casino site you registered with is based in UK, then you have to deal with their currency. This can bring inconvenience as you still have to get your money changed just to play the site’s games.

●Longer withdraw times

Since there are limited payment options, withdrawal will also be limited. This may give you a longer time before you can withdraw your winnings. This means that even if you win, you still have to wait for a longer time just to withdraw your winnings.

●Possible scams

Dealing with unlicensed casino sites can be risky, as some might scam you out. Sometimes, a player has played a bet and won and did not get their winnings. This is possible as you are playing in a casino site that does not have permits and licenses.

So how do know if you are playing in an unlicensed online casino site? If you have been an online casino gamer for a long time, then you would normally sense that the casino is legit and licensed.

Also, smart and experienced casino gamer would normally look for licenses and permits and see if the site is legit first before placing a bet.

But it could be tricky, as many people are only after the games and not look into the legality of the site. It is best to see the signs of an unlicensed site.

Learning How to find Safe Casinos

non gamstop casinos

How to Spot an Unlicensed Online Casino Site

●Huge bonuses

Unlicensed online casino sites are looking for many customers to attract since they know that some people are hesitant playing in illegal sites. With this, they offer huge bonuses all the time. The bonuses become the attraction of the site.

●No published licenses

Licensed casino sites publish the links of their licenses. This is for those who are skeptical about the legality of the site. But for offshore casino sites, there are no links to show. When signing up for an online casino site, it is best to look for the license number of the company first.


Casino sites that are unlicensed would have scam news and scandals everywhere. This is easy for them since they do not have any permits or licenses are to be revoked. They can change from one name to another after every scandal and still operate as an online casino site.

●Hides identity and information

Licensed and legit casinos would show the owners’ information and the company details. They also have working customer service teams that can easily assist customers with their issues and concerns. But with non-licensed casinos, they usually hide in web forms. And customer services are usually limited to even zero.

●Limited payment, and withdrawal options

This is the easiest red flag to see when trying out a new casino site. You can check out their payment, and withdrawal options. If you see very limited choices, then chances are, the site does not have any licenses and permits.

●Non Gamstop user

Unlicensed casinos intend to keep their players betting even if their credit blows up big time. Therefore, most of them do not use Gamstop as this software will limit the spending and betting of a player. Many licensed casinos make sure that their players do not overspend and be placed in big debts.

non gamstop casinos

What to Do When you come across a scam Casino?

Online casino gamers should know how to detect casinos that are unlicensed. However, not all casinos are to be avoided. There are alternatives that you can choose from but still make sure that the casino site is reliable.

You can choose sites that have a Curacao/Malta/Gibraltar licence as these makes the site free from illegal activities. With these licenses, sites will only offer gambling activities. Also, with these licenses, the player will be protected and the standards of the casino will be raised and improved for better gaming experience for the customers.

Online casino sites that have such licenses are strict with their rules and make sure that every player will get their money’s worth with the quality and service of the site. If in case the casino is not safe, then you should choose one that has a Curacao, Malta or Gibraltar license. This gives you the security that you are playing in a reliable site.


Casino is enjoyable when you have the money to place as bets. But it is important to choose trusted casino sites that you are signing up with and playing at. Unlicensed casinos give higher risks as it has no strict regulations that will protect the players from fraud and scams.

There is always a risk in casinos, but you have to play smart. Do not sign up with unlicensed casino sites. Always remember that no license means illegal and you would not want to get into illegal traps by playing casino.

Aside from playing in legal online casino sites, it is also important that players are aware of their limits on spending. Overspending in casinos and other gambling activities is not good as you might go into deep debt hard to overcome.

Discipline will always be an important part in gambling. If you do not want to keep overspending, then treat casinos as plain fun. Spending and betting in moderation should always be followed.