Innovative Products at Online Casinos

Across the board online services often have the difficulty of delivering something new at every available opportunity to not only set themselves apart from offline alternatives, but also from other online services too. This is a challenge that online casinos have often been able to overcome with innovations in some of the most played products, as well as planned changes that could make online options much more attractive than land-based services for even the most die-hard fans. But which have been the most innovative introductions, and which are yet to be implemented?

Apps are on the way – Every good online casino has earned its chops with a well-integrated mobile site which makes up a large majority of the traffic for some, but not all have yet made the change across to a dedicated app due to the high commission charges on deposits and certain marketplace restrictions too. This does seem to be something changing however as casino mobile apps are growing much more common, all of the big operator names already have well established apps and the more independent services are joining in too, making accessibility much easier than ever before and offering the change to innovate more change in the apps themselves.

Live dealers have become a fan favourite feature – One of the benefits of a land-based casino has always been within the social aspect of play – whether that come from other players or dealers. For the longest time, this wasn’t something that could be replicated for online services, but the emergence of live dealers has certainly changed this – they’re able to be found at most online services now and are often amongst the most played titles too, bringing much of that real casino charm to your home, and also started to branch out into other live options with the likes of live roulette too for example.

Extended reality could be the future for online gambling – Speaking of social features with the likes of live dealers, the next big step forward in the same direction could certainly come from augmented and more importantly, virtual reality. As hardware costs come down and become more accessible, a growing number of online casinos are starting to explore ways of bringing some of the biggest games to the virtual world by delivering on something two-fold – bringing the casino environment directly to your home for all games that are available, but also allowing for much more social play by giving you an opportunity to interact with other players and with dealers if you choose to do so. A wider spread introduction is still a little ways away, but the time where virtual reality mobile casinos are a major player is much closer than you might think.