An Opportunity for Casino Apps to Emerge

Mobile apps have been leading the way in the gaming space as mobile as a whole looks to take over, the big focus for game developers and similar has been fixed on the still growing mobile market as demographics and audiences change to include those who are a bit older and who have a disposable income. This has helped online gambling grow at a very rapid rate and the biggest sites pull in huge numbers of players, but there have been restrictions that have stopped these operators from launching, but changes may be on the way.

Recent changes to the Apple app store following the legal battle with game developer Epic Games have led to the decision that more flexibility that needs to be provided to players, on Apple devices only apps directly from the app store were available for use but came with the stipulation that any in app purchase would come with a 30% levy to be paid too – in the past this has kept the majority of gambling services away from developing their own mobile apps as the losses to this levy may be much higher. With the change in place allowing apps to emerge on different app store platforms and not have to be concerned about the cost too from in app deposits and could lead to an exciting opportunity too.

Whilst game performance on the dedicated websites is very smooth and often without disruption, it can still be inconvenient for some players hoping to play quickly to open the browser, go to the site link, and play from there, the apps could certainly look to change this but also offer options to expand different aspects of online play too with more multiplayer opportunities added and for the games to be developed further too in which will allow for new genres to emerge and newer game types that may have been on the fringe an opportunity to come into the light too – this could particularly be focussed around the likes of extended reality options in VR and AR as mobile platforms become more suited to accept these options and have them perform well.

The changes are only aimed at the Apple app store currently but there have been third-party options for Android for a long period of time, but will certainly encourage operators to explore further options in the app area, and follow those that have already been able to successfully make the transition and have some great app options that are away from the direct website options.