The UK iGaming Revival Plan

Despite having been through a large number of changes over the past two years which has seen major change to payment options and the way some games can be played, iGaming is still a key part of the UK governments economic recovery plan following the pandemic as online casinos and sportsbooks are bigger than they’ve ever been and pulling in huge amounts of tax from both gambling revenue and from taxation of the large work force too – with the Betting and Gaming council representing 90% of British gaming outlets, they’re seemingly in full support of the government’s current revival plan.

The Chief Exec of the organization, Michael Dugher, has hoped to levy some caution here however by suggesting that any changes made in the future be evidence led and not to risk the huge economic contribution that has been made by those operating in retail gambling and sportsbook – examples were given were the implementation of strict rules could lead to the rise of “black market” iGaming options with Norway given as an example, and in the hopes to reach a safe space for players to wager, avoiding the rise of gambling tools that are non-regulated and non-licensed could cause a huge blow – this caution also comes at a time where a recent survey suggested that the general public are showing growing support for gambling options and feel safer than ever to do so too, in a hallmark change that seems a majority agree any major changes against this could lead to a step back in the progress seen recently. He also addressed anti-gambling campaigners who were hoping to see a smaller regulated industry by suggesting it would be bad news for the economy and the exchequer.

Other countries have already shown the potential for the economic recovery spurred by this industry, as Europe’s largest gambling and betting market the UK had shown a contribution of some $460 million supported through horse racing, $53 million from the English Football League, and a further $16.5 million from the rugby league, darts, and snooker. The US has also shown what’s possible with the huge market it has, it’s own launch of a larger number of different services through different states has been wildly successful and has aided the economic recovery of these states too – with the UK market already being so big, enhancing what’s already on offer is going to be the best course of action to capitalize from the impressive numbers that are already being shown – and the support is certainly already there.