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What are online casinos with Malta licences? 

Malta is a small Mediterranean Island, in Europe a paradise eminently known for online gambling. Malta has taken casino legislation to a whole new level; Maltese regulations is a world recognised body of gambling outside and inside a country. A developed country with stable political and economy with favorable tax for the gambling business.  Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) offer players and operator anonymity and maximum security. It hands out licence to oversee matters related to gaming. Malta Online Casinos offers great entertainment to users.

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  • the best online casinos from Malta
  • Features of gambling sites registered in Malta
  • Advantages of gambling at MGM casinos
  • Disadvantages of playing at Malta Online Casinos
  • Online gambling laws and regulations in Malta,
  • Types of Malta gambling Authority licences,
  • A brief history of Malta iGaming




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Getting Started with Malta Online Casinos

Picking the best casino can be a daunting task since there are so many games. There are many licenced trustworthy casinos offeing amazing bonuses for existing and new players. Online casinos can grant user with regulatory framework should any matter arise. Malta was one of the Europe Union to regulate online gambling. The governing structure covers skill games, games of chance and the game of chance and skill. It is important to notice that if you are a player from the UK who registered with any self-exclusion scheme in order to prevent you from gambling, many Malta online casinos do not have a UK licence which could point to the fact that they will not be casinos registered to gamstopSo if you have any trouble controlling your gambling please stay away from such sites.

Features of gambling sites registered in Malta

  • Most of the casinos located in Malta set the minimum gambling age at 18 years. 
  • Maltese casinos have table games like Roulette, Blackjack, Banco, Punto, Russian poker, Super Texas Poker, American Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, open poker, Thirty Forty.
  • Most Casinos are located in four/five-star hotel or remotely near to one.
  • Casinos have spas, restaurant, bars, brasseries and some offers amenities for game and pari-mutuel betting. 
  • Casinos feature an extensive range of variety slot machines i.e. 3D slots, progressive slots, pokies, classic slots and video slots. 
  • Every casino has a business plan which comprises of a growth strategy.
  • The Casinos have to do a proper fit, to assess the individuals involved in management procedures and finance.

Advantages of gambling at MGM casinos

Massive Gigantic Grand (MGM) is well known for brick and mortal casinos. The company has revolutionised the global online gaming and sports betting. Here as some of the advantages;

  • Have a variety of games to choose. MGM is among the biggest gaming company in the world offering a wide range of proprietary games.
  • MGM is strict when it comes to players protection and security.  
  • Exclusively franchises. MGM casinos have several betting league franchises round the universe.
  • A strong reputation and tradition. The company has a good reputation across the world and is recognised as the most admired companies. 
  • Easy depositing. Depositing of funds is easy all you have to do is to follow the procedure and register. Almost all Malta gambling sites accept credit cards which is a big factor if you are a UK player looking for casino sites that still accept credit cards from UK players
  • A rich bonus program. They have M-life rewards program, a loyalty program for players.

Disadvantages of playing at online casinos sites licenced in Malta

Despite being an ideal country for iGaming, there are few disadvantages associated with Malta licencing casinos.

  • Slow response to players complains. Customer support is a bit slow when it comes to solving disputes between players and operators. You are advised to contact the casino first and try to resolve the issue with them before contacting MGA.
  • Addiction. Players may lack social interaction by spending most of their time on computer screen playing. An addicted player would rather stay indoors and play instead of spending time with friends/family.
  • In the past, Malta has been accused of being too tolerant with operators. 
  • No drink ticket. The fun of betting on games is scoring free drink voucher for your wagers. You will miss the chance of free drinks which most physical casino offers
  • Non UK casinos. the UKGC is the most reputable gaming authority that is held to the highest standard. Some casinos registered in Malta and not in the UK might be a but riskier to gamble at. 
  • licence application process is complex and time consuming. Operators who are seeking licence have to wait for long for their casinos to go through a strict vetting procedure.
  • licence and taxation fees are higher. The tax and fees in regards to some considerations Iare practically adequate, but some countries are charging less. 
  • A significant share of sportsbooks/casino operations must be located in Malta and meet the requirements of share capital. They will ask you to transfer all your hardware on Malta territory.

Online gambling laws and regulations in Malta

The island has a flexible and extensive legal framework on gaming. MGA supervise all gaming operators in Malta and give licence for all iGaming processes. The rules governing gaming in Malta can be divided into;

  • Laws on non-profitmaking games,
  • Laws concerning lotteries and National Lottery,
  • Remote gambling regulations,
  • Laws on profitable bingo halls,
  • Laws associated with amusement machine,
  • Laws on sweepstakes, racehorses, and betting,
  • Laws linked with casinos and cruise casinos.

The Gaming Act regulate significant products in Malta and by subordinate legislation issued by MGA. The Gaming Act came in operation in August 2018, as an outcome of regulatory and legislative modification of the previous Gaming Act. The Gaming Act saw into it the merging of all gaming related activities falling in one single Act. The Act also regulates roles of a single monitoring body which is MGA. The following regulations fall in the  Gaming Act; all regulations were amended in 2018.

  • Gaming Tax Regulations.
  • Gaming Regulations for Player Protection
  • Gaming Authorisations regulation
  • Social Fund Causes Regulations
  • Gaming Premises Regulations
  • Gaming Definitions Regulations
  • The holding of Data (MGA) Regulations
  • Gaming Business Communication Regulation
  • Gaming Enforcement and Compliance Regulation
  • Gaming Regulations for licence Fees

The Malta government has permitted remote gaming regulations with online gambling activities. The Malta Online Casinos are also certified to enlarge their business in other EU countries. There are numerous requirements connected to operating of machines, protection of players and money laundering that an operator must content before gaming licence is issued to them. There are ongoing consultations on how to regulate iGaming and if loot boxes should be classified as a game of chance.

Types of Malta gambling Authority licences

Malta Gambling Authority is the body that allows gaming companies to conduct, operate or perform any gambling action. They also control operation of all gaming devices, the licence covers the type of games to be accessed and features to be offered under either Business-to-Business (B2B) which is more of critical gaming supply or Business-to-Consumers (B2C) popularly known as gaming service. Malta Online Casinos are taken prominent and their customers trusted by them.

A company may apply one or more authorisations depending on the class of games to be offered. MGA has four types of remote gaming licences.  

Type 1

A game of chance played against the house the outcome is determined by a random generator. licence is given to companies that have casinos like games i.e., roulette, blackjack and slots. The sites are liable for risks created on repetitive games.

Type 2

A game of chance played against the house, the outcome of which is not randomly generated. licence particularly for operators who manage betting games class of wagers like spread betting, fixed odds betting and pool betting. Operators are accountable for risks on events established on matchbook. 

Type 3

A remote licence issued to sites that yield commission on peer-to-peer for betting or promoting poker network games. The players don’t play directly against the house; also, the operator is not exposed to betting risks. 

Type 4

The licence is given to those who host and manage gaming operations. Software developers who run the bets or games but are not interested in taking bets for their profit. It is more of a B2B licence.

A brief history of Malta Online Casinos

Gambling in Malta goes back in time; the ancient island gambling is very intriguing. Malta numerous empires, rich history and civilisation have played a significant part in its present iGaming success.  Ic-Cippitatu was the first ancient game played in Malta during festivals and feasts. Italy introduced lottery into Malta in the 17th and 18th century but it became legal in 1948 leading to establishment of national lottery. The game has become popular among the Maltese residents. 

In 1964 the Dragonara was the initial land based casino to be legalised. Malta amended the gaming rules with remote gaming regulations in 2004. The Malta Gaming Authority(MGA) formerly known as the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) is the gaming regulation board. The regulation does not separate the technology used or the games which are played which favors the gaming operators. The players’ interests are also put into consideration as more support and protection is offered to them. The operators’ funds are kept separate from the clients’ accounts; funds in inactive accounts are lawfully obliged to be refunded back to players. 

Malta is a business centric, sovereign, independent country. The island is home to the universe largest online casinos and paramount profitable iGaming companies. Despite gambling being the central country industry, most players are from other nations. The taxes are minimum hence enticing many online gaming operators. 

Questions & Answers for Malta Licensed Casinos

❓Can UK players play at Casinos from Malta?

✅ Yes. Players don’t need to worry about where the casino has its licence from as long as it has one. In fact, the MGA casino licence is one of the best licences in the iGaming world right now so there is no problem for anyone, let alone payers from the UK to gamble at these casino sites. 

❓ Are Malta Casino sites safe?

👻 Yes. You can rest assured that when playing at an MGA licensed online gambling sites you will be in good hands. In order to get a Malta Licence the casino must show the games are at random, that the player information is safe and much more.

❓What are the Disadvantages of gambling at a Malta Online Casino?

📞 When playing at a Malta Casino players are taking the risk that if anything were to go wrong they won’t have the UKGC to help them out. For example, if your account manager disappears on you in a UK licensed casino you will be able to turn to the UKGC for help. At casinos with a Malta licence you will need to turn to the Malta gaming authority for help which can be a much longer process. 


Malta is a hub of gaming industries with numerous shares of experience. Gambling is religiously and safely regulated in a portion of Europe. The island is home of the prominent online gaming commerce event, Summit of iGamin Malta (SiGMA).  MGA has aimed at offering players with a transparent, fair online gaming experience.

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