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In recent years, people have been turning to USA casino sites due to their more attractive pay-outs and generosity. Nevertheless, as there are more than a handful of USA Casino sites for UK players online casino operations in the US are complicated, given that each state has the right to regulate these casinos independently. Insofar, only States such as New Jersey and Nevada are legalized for running online casinos while the other States have banned the activity. While these US casino sites are not licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission – which is one of the strictest regulators in the world – the US online casino sites are safe and secured.


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USA casinos that accept UK players

Within its jurisdiction, not all USA casinos accept UK players. It was only in recent years that the US online casinos began to take UK players. However, before plunging into these US online casinos, it is essential to understand the key features and differences between the casinos of the two countries. As such, before even going into the characteristics of these casinos, it is prudent to list down those USA casinos that are receptive to UK players. The USA Casino sites for UK players are: Fortune Clock Casino, Lord of all Slots, 4Crowns Casino, All Wins Casino, Cherry Gold Casino, BetOnline Casino, Super Wins, Spicy Spins Casino, Don’s Casino, Spin Up Casino, 300% up to €2000, Aussie Play, 400% up to £800, Crazyno, Venetian Casino, Riviera Play Casino, Split Aces Casino, Wild Casino, 888 Tiger Casino, Slots Empire, Up to €4000 on Sign Up, 250% on Sign Up, American Operator, and 300% on Sign Up. As most of these casinos are also not on Gamstop it will be wise for any players to fully understand the terms & conditions of each casino as well as the different licences.  

Features on online casinos in the US

Before you decide to hop onto the bandwagon of getting your hands in US online casinos, players who frequent the UK online casinos might make it underwhelming when they switch over to the US operated ones as they have done with EU Casinos that accept UK players. Primarily, UK online casino operators pay a lot more attention to their gaming design resulting in a more elegant and sophisticated interface. On the contrary, the US online casino designs look as if they got stuck in the 90s. Undeniably, gaming design has a direct impact on the user’s gaming experience. Secondly, given the rising trend of online casino gamers, there has also been an equal number of fraudulent websites. Hence, one should always be prudent and do a background check on the particular US operated casino before depositing their money. Sticking to reputable and trusted casino sites would guarantee safety, reliability, and fairness. Thirdly, for users who are big on e-payments, you would be happy to know that most US operated online casinos do accept credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Besides, they also accept payments by cryptocurrency, which is unavailable for UK online casinos. Fourth, if you are a frequent online casino goer, you would probably have heard of the software company called Netent. Netent is responsible for the design of multiple popular online casino games all over the world. However, they have only recently ventured into the US online casino market. This would mean that if playing at USA Casino sites for UK players, you would probably be foreign to most of the offerings online. Nevertheless, they are still safe and reliable, and most of the games operate similarly. 

License of USA casinos that accept UK players

Most of the US online operators hold remote gambling licenses, which are not approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Instead, these licenses are mostly issued by foreign authorities otherwise by local state authorities. Nevertheless, this does not mean that these licenses are dubious or fraudulent. Most of these authorities that issued these licenses are comparable otherwise equally reputable as that of the UKGC. Here, the casino experts behind will list down two of the reputable licensing agencies. The first is Curacao. Curacao is an established agency that has been issuing licenses since 1996. US casino operators that hold the Curacao eGaming license must have fulfilled several requirements regarding security, safety, and fairness. The other reputable licensing agencies belong to the local permits issued by the states. Apart from offshore regulators, there are internal US gambling authorities that oversee the US online casinos. Depending on where the online casino operator’s headquarters are located, the corresponding state will be the one to issue these licenses. 

Tips for UK players at US casinos

It was only in recent years that the UK has allowed UK players to have a go on US online casinos. Coincidentally, this receptiveness of US online casinos was met with US online casinos opening up to UK players. Since then, the number of UK players venturing into the US online casino has ballooned due to the better pay-outs. Nevertheless, whether or not you are a new gamer or a seasoned gamer in the UK, players should always do their due diligence in researching a particular online casino before plunging into it. Do note that in general, the interface, the pay-outs, the software providers, and the rules of the games offered by the US online casinos are somewhat different from that of the UK online casinos. Therefore, UK players who are used to the UK online casinos are in for a shock when they transit to the US offered ones. Ultimately, regardless of whether it is US or UK operated casinos, they provide excitement for the players with only slight differences. Most of the current top-ranked online casinos in the industry belonged to that of the UK, and players are also protected from the UK should things go south. Thus, if you are a conservative player, it may be better to stick to the UK operated ones. However, if you have a broader appetite for risks, you may want to try your hands at the USA Casino sites for UK players since their pay-outs are much better than the UK ones. A final tip, if you are having problems with gambling addiction, such as losing sleep over losses, redirecting crucial funds into gambling, then perhaps you should not be searching for US online casinos at all. 

Banking information for American casinos accepting players from the UK

Almost all US online casino operators offer online casino deposit methods, allowing players to make a deposit into their account. A wide variety of options are available such as credit and debit cards, web wallets (e-wallets), bitcoin, and bank wire transfers. These online casino deposits are designed to be secured yet straightforward and safe. Transactions made are reflected almost instantaneously. All these transactions are also encrypted, so do ensure that your privacy and personal information will be secured. Out of all these options, credit card deposits have been found to be the safest transaction method. However, the downside of it is that credit cards are never included in the withdrawal methods. For such pay-outs, there is a need to pair the credit card with bank wire transfers so that you are able to use the latter option for withdrawals. One unique feature of US operated casinos is the option of funding your account using Bitcoins. As cryptocurrency becomes increasingly mainstream, these online casinos are hopping onto the trend and offering the option of cryptocurrency transactions that allow both deposit and withdrawals. However, do not expect immediate transactions for withdrawals as it usually requires around 4-5 workings that for the transaction to materialize. This practice is consistent across all online casinos and not some plot hatched by the casino to prevent you from withdrawing your winnings. 


While the UK online casino market is pretty developed, the US market is merely starting to grow. Given the resources and technological capabilities that the US possesses, it will catch up with the UK in no time. As such, there will increasingly be more US casinos that will be more receptive to UK gamers as the same case has been with betting sites not on gamstop. Unfortunately, with that, it also means that there would be an increasing number of fraudulent websites that are out to con your money. Thus, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of gamers doing their research on a particular casino before transferring their money into it. There are multiple websites out there that players can take reference for their knowledge. Also, you should pay attention to the site’s safety protocols and security procedures.

Nevertheless, even if you have found a reputable USA Casino sites for UK players, do not expect it to offer the same user experience as that of UK online casinos. The graphics are rudimentary, although I am quite sure that the graphics will be improved over time unless the online casino wants to be rendered obsolete in this industry. For those who are willing to forego the sophisticated graphics and are solely looking to increase their winnings, then the US online casinos are the way to go. On the other hand, if you have problems managing your gambling addiction or you priories the user experience over that of money, then you should be better off staying in the UK. 

Questions & Answers for USA Casinos for UK Players

❓As a UK player can I play at USA Online Casinos?

✅ Yes you can. Players from all over the world can play at any online gambling site they want – including those with a licence from another Country. The casino themselves may not be able to advertise outside their legal Country but if you happen to find them you have every right to play there.

❓ Are US casinos safe for UK players?

👻 Great Questions. The answer is yes. They might even be safer than UK online casinos since they must abide be the USA gambling laws which require many third party tests and interventions. A casino from the USA is not operating alone and is constantly being revised by outside legal parties. 

❓What could be potential disadvantages for playing at a USA online casino ?

📞 When you are playing at a UK licenced Casino, if anything were to go sideways you would be able to get in touch with the UKGC and they will have someone help you out. Once you play at a casino with an outside licence the UKGC have not way of helping you if you were to need help in cashing out for example. 

🚓 What are the best USA casinos for UK players?

🎲 As a matter of fact there are only a handful of US casino sites that the UK £ is an option. For that reason, only the casinos listed above are the top selection for UK players. However, if you don’t mid playing with other currencies such as Euro ot dollar you can play at any Online US casino. 

💰 Do I need to pay any taxes in the UK if I win at a Casino with a USA licence?

💸 The licence of the casino is not a factor in this matter. The only thing that matters is the player. So if you are a UK citizen you must pay your taxes in the UK even if you play on a USA online gambling site.  

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