Tips for Playing for Low Stakes at Non Gamstop Casinos 

Today’s article are catered mainly for two groups of people. First, those who previously registered themselves on Gamstop but are now ready to return to the gambling scene. Second, those who are new to the online casino scene. For the first group of people, they must manage their funds better than before as I do not think they will want to revert to the days of being in debt. For the second group of people, as newbies, there may be certain terms and conditions that they are unaware of and hence they need to try out the various games without wiping out their account. In this article, The maximumcasinos experts will be providing some tips on playing for low stakes at non-Gamstop casinos.  

Top Tips for Playing Low Stakes

In this article, I would like to debunk the myth that low stakes in games will not bring about much fun and winning opportunities. There is no correlation between the two. As long as you stick to playing at non-Gamstop registered betting sites and gambling sites, even if you are still on the Gamstop database, you will be able to continue to receive your winnings when you win. The key is to ensure that you are sustainable which means that going all in in a single game is the ultimate recipe to getting wiped out. Rather, you should be apportioning a percentage that you are willing to lose per game and per day. That will become a guide to the number of games that you should be playing and the stakes that you should be betting. For example, for a USD 10,000 account, you may have decided that the most you can lose in a day is 5%/ USD 500 and that you are looking to play only a maximum of 10 games. That means that you stake per game would surmount to USD 50. While the sum may seem minimal, the goal is to be sustainable. Ultimately, the purpose of gambling is for entertainment, rather than to make a living out of it. In any case, there are multiple progressive slots available that are configured to accept low stakes. If you are into slots, then these are the slots that you should be going for. It allows you to configure the stakes per spin and you are also eligible for the jackpot for every spin. Do take into consideration of casino bonuses too as they can help to double your winnings depending on the casino and games. 


In conclusion, we have to bear in mind that the purpose of gambling is for entertainment’s sake rather than a get-rich quick solution. With that, the key is to ensure that we are sustainable and hence low stakes are crucial to ensuring that, especially for new players and gambling addicts. We recommend going progressive slots as it allows you to adjust the stakes per spin, allowing you to have fun without tapping much of your capital. Concurrently, you are still eligible for jackpots. One lucky spin is all you need.