Horse Racing Not On Gamstop

There are numerous options to bet on horse races, outside the sphere of influence of the UK Gambling Commission. This represents an opportunity for players that are currently present on self-exclusion lists.

Let’s learn more about how horse race betting at non gamstop websites works!

You’ll find horse racing odds on different types of websites, including sportsbooks, casinos, and websites that specialise in this form of betting.

Horse Race Betting

Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing betting is widely available at international betting sites. British websites, whether regulated by the UKGC or not, usually have odds for events in the countries that like horse racing the most, including Britain, Australia, the US and other jurisdictions. This type of international betting site can have international licenses from places like Curaçau, and be just as safe as the UKGC if the app or site is chosen carefully based on the reviews of betting professionals like we have to offer for you.

Top Sites for Live Horse Racing Not On Gamstop

Both live sports betting and racing have become all the more common to see at an online casino site, as such it’s important to choose those which offer the largest number of races, the best odds, and the best bonuses too. We recommend some of the following for players looking to bet on horse racing not on gamstop.

Red Lion Casino

Red Lion Casino

As the site has a section dedicated to live racing for both Horse Racing and Greyhounds, Red Lion is a great place to start – having built a reputation as a fantastic online casino with a great selection of games, the live racing not on gamstop is a great addition. It would be nice to see some bonuses available for betting, but despite that there are plenty of races to enjoy.

Play at The Red Lion here

Royal Oak Casino

Royal Oak Casino

Another site first launching in 2020 with a big focus on its casino games, Royal Oak has become a go-to for players looking to bet on races not on gamstop with horse racing included in its live racing not on gamstop section – with live streaming direct to the site all of the horse racing can be enjoyed without needing multiple tabs open.

Check out Royal Oak


SlotsNBets Casino

With the widest range of selection of sports betting amongst these sites and bonuses specifically aimed at those looking to wager on racing, SlotsNBets is another fantastic choice to enjoy live racing not on gamstop with the ability to stream directly to the site and the possibility to earn extra rewards for placing bets on the races too.

Bet at SlotsNBets here

Non Gamstop Horse Racing: Events Available

All the most famous horse racing betting markets are available at any non gamstop horse racing app or website.

Horse Racing Betting Markets

Horse racing bets usually are focused around Britain’s fan favourites such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse, The Derby ( at Epsom), the King George VI Chase ( at Kempton) and other international events like the Kentucky Derby.

Non Gamstop Horse Racing Sites: Advantages

There are some interesting advantages if you choose to bet using these websites. The best advantage is the interesting betting bonuses that these websites offer because the operators that focus on the UKGC jurisdiction face restrictions in terms of the bonuses they can offer.

Non Gamstop Horse Racing Sites: Disadvantages

The hardest part of looking for new places to bet outside the nationally regulated space is to take care to choose a website or app with a good reputation. But you can count on our services as our reviewers have experience finding the best places to bet on horses at non gamstop websites.

Horse Racing at Non Gamstop Sites: Payment Methods

Once you have chosen a safe place to bet, the most disappointing issue that you’ll find is some UKGC sites have more payment methods available for withdrawal and deposits. Most notably, PayPal is an option that is hard to find in that environment, but you’ll find fan favourites like credit and debit cards too, so that is not that much of an issue.

At the end of the day, there are more advantages than disadvantages if you like horse racing betting and discover and stick to the world of Non Gamstop options.

Horse Racing Betting Sites: UKGC v Non Gamstop

The UKGC has very restrictive rules that try to benefit the gambling community. However, the attempts to promote safe betting may be a little heavy-handed at times, or not suit the interests of bettors that know how to control themselves and have fun or work professionally with betting without any harm.

The most interesting features of UKGC horse racing operators are the better options of payment methods, and the services of the UKGC to organize arbitrations between clients and horse racing betting sites.

However, the necessity to use these services is unlikely to happen if you choose reputable non gamstop horse racing betting sites.

Online Horse Racing Site Reviews

Specialist bettors are used to comparing the same features of UK Horse racing services over and over again. Not only do the companies change over time, but there are also newcomers joining the market to fight for the popular horse racing events’ betting volume.

It’s important to keep an eye on newcomers to the horse racing and sports betting markets because they will impact the way the more traditional betting sites offer services and bonuses.

Non Gamstop horse racing can be a little trickier to review, because there are numerous websites that take horse race bets from British bettors, but don’t have the UKGC betting sites’ license.

Best Horse Racing Sites

At the end of the day, what makes a good horse racing betting site for you, will be a mixture of clearly good elements that any non gamstop betting sites’ specialist can spot, and your own taste when it comes to horse racing bet sites!

Curaçau Non Gamstop Horse Racing License

The Curaçau license, for example, may be reputable, but it’s easier to obtain one in comparison with the UKGC one.

That said, the most relevant factor that British punters need to have in mind when they choose a site to place bets is to research about the recent facts regarding the performance of online betting sites. Professional reviewers can be of great help to find the best horse racing brands to place bets.

What Reviewers Test at Horse Racing Sportsbooks

A professional reviewer will spend a lot of time testing numerous features. That includes if the deadlines to process deposits and withdrawals are actually those claimed on the website. A review will test the customer service in many ways, including making questions about the betting options and rules of the website regarding bonuses.

Gambling sites contain lots of intricate aspects – whether non gamstop or not – and making sense of the terms of and conditions of bonuses and betting rules is definitely a task for a professional that can help you.

Horse Racing Betting: Customer Support

Horse racing betting sites will be tested in numerous ways, including if the customer support agents speak good English, and if the reviewer approaches them via forms or e-mails, the time they take to answer the clients.

Self-Exclusion and Non Gamstop Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse races betting sites and online betting are entertainment for adults. There’s a reason for that, any gambling site offers amusing, but potentially addictive forms of entertainment. That said, horse race online betting is one of the forms of betting that is covered by the Gamstop free service.

Even if you are a controlled bettor, who never had a problem while having fun with horse racing online betting, bypassing a government program must be a conscious and aware choice.

Offshore betting sites are a product of the internet era: they allow you to be as free as you want, online uk horse racing sites that are under the UKGC regulations.

Many punters thrive with the free bets, massive bonuses and other perks that an offshore licensed non gamstop site can offer.

Many sites also offer other sports events like football, Formula One, all popular sports of the UK, plus some potential casino offerings including slot games

Virtual Horse Racing at Non Gamstop Bookmakers

A new product f the horse racing bookmakers that popularized during the pandemic was the Virtual horse racing products.

The advantages of this form of betting site are numerous, including not having to wait until the actual event happens. There are special bonuses at non gamstop horse racing operators for this new kind of betting.

Virtual horse races are generated randomly by a computer and represent a visual form of randomization, which means it is a form of betting for fun, and not a way to profit as professional UK punters do.

Exclusive Horse Racing Bonuses

Check out our online betting site reviews to find the best UK betting sites that focus on horse races.

There are numerous types of betting bonuses, including deposit bonus, reload bonuses, welcome bonus and many others.

Online gambling comes with a lot of perks: these days you can enjoy multiple betting bonuses by opening multiple gaming accounts. The competition between operators is intense, and you can always keep looking for another freebie to keep profiting from your passion for horse races. Non Gamstop horse racing can be especially profitable.

Horse Racing Streaming: Non Gamstop Sites

Just because a website isn’t regulated by the UKGC, it doesn’t mean it can’t have great streaming links. Live betting is the most exciting form of horse racing betting, and our reviewers will look for free opportunities for you to bet with free, live streaming, just like at some of the best websites regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

You can have the same fun as any other online betting experience with these options for UK horse betting.

Summary of Events Available at Non Gamstop Horse Racing Sites

Big names like Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby, events at the Aintree Racecourse, and American events that UK punters may like to bet like the Kentucky Derby, they can all be found at non gamstop horse racing websites.

Non Gamstop punters will find everything they like on British websites at international horse racing options that take bets from non gamstop punters in the UK and other bettors across the globe.

Non Gamstop Betting: International Sites and British Users

Non Gamstop customers are among the most important ones for websites like this, which means big British events like Royal Ascot and Aintree Grand National Festival will be the focus of these sites, but smaller events will also be covered, sometimes live streaming too.

What To Avoid On Non Gamstop Horse Racing Sites

Our reviews will help you find good options to place your horse racing betting stakes, but some stuff must always be avoided when betting online, and horse racing betting sites are no exception to this rule.

If you come across sites with bonuses that are like 5 or 10 times bigger than the average of the market, this is a sign that something may be wrong.

You may also come across sites that ask for too many documents or bank statements in comparison with the market average, which means you must always be cautious when dealing with any horse racing betting app.

KYC: What It Is and How to Face It

Know Your Customer is a policy that affects all the gaming world. Even if a website is less restrictive because it is an international one and not UKGC one, anti-money laundering laws are pretty much internationally enforced, which means even a Curaçau betting site will ask questions about who you are, and where your betting funds come from.

Having to show a copy of your driving license or passport to make large withdrawals can be considered a pretty normal procedure. However, if the site asks for multiple copies of credit card numbers, then we can say some monkey business may be going on.

Normal and acceptable documents that need to be shown include some form of ID, some proof of residence in the country where you claim to live, some form of banking and fiscal residency proof and that’s it: anything that crosses that line and that could help fraudsters steal money from you is something you shouldn’t handle.

If you have doubts about this kind of situation, check out our special guides about KYC in different jurisdictions.

KYC and Affordability Checks: The Difference

If you bet at international institutions, you’ll only be asked to prove who you are, and the origin of your funds. That is, where it comes from, and not how much money you can afford to lose at a horse racing website.

Within the regulatory jurisdiction of the UKGC, the British government wants to make sure that you have enough funds to have fun at horse racing sites. This kind of KYC procedure is restricted to mature markets like the UK, and certainly isn’t normal at international offshore betting sites.

Self-Exclusion and Affordability Checks: Government Policies

When you face affordability checks, you may think about joining self-exclusion lists. The governments want the betting experience to be safe, and facing affordability checks may end up being a much-needed wake-up call to individuals in denial about the way they bet.

In the past, when horse racing betting took place at physical venues, it was easier to be confronted by society in terms of your betting patterns. Horse racing bets that take place at betting sites can be done discreetly, which means sometimes a habit can be denied by the lack of external eyes to judge us.

Virtual Affordability Checks: UKGC v International sites

For that reason, betting at international sites that take horse racing bets must be a conscious, informed, and responsible choice, as the virtual and electronic forms of affordability checks will not be present.

International Betting Sites: Other Options

When you meet non gamstop betting websites, you discover that several operators offer many different products outside the sphere of the self-exclusion programs. Slot games are among the offerings, as well as bets on different sports.

Sports Betting: Non Gamstop

Once you register at websites that have different sections and verticals, you can enjoy everything that you can find at your favourite bookie that takes football bets within the UKGC space, for example.

But with a great advantage: you’ll face fewer KYC procedures, you’ll be offered a lot more sports betting bonuses, as well as the simple fact that the number of horse racing sites that also take bets on sports is much bigger outside the UKGC jurisdiction than inside.

A New World of Bonuses

In other words, there’s a whole new world of betting options available of horse racing operators that will keep bombarding you with amazing bonuses to test the service of their horse racing section, but also the rest of their services, including casino and poker products too.

Reload Horse Racing Sites’ Bonuses.

You don’t need to obtain that many non gamstop betting sites’ accounts to keep earning more and more bonuses.

Once you have used the welcome bonus of a horse racing site, you’ll likely receive in your e-mail box from time to time some great codes to reload your betting account with more funds and enjoy the sensation of seeing them multiplied by generous bonuses.

UK horse racing is among the most popular forms of betting on international apps, which means the operators will keep fighting for the customers.

These days, UK horse racing is incredibly popular, and the competition for the bettors is always one click away, when investors start a horse racing betting site, they invest heavily in bonuses to all parts of their sites, including horse racing events, the sports betting sections, and other parts too.

If you are active on the horse racing betting page of a website we suggest that you keep an eye on your e-mail box, because even if you have funds in your gaming account, the operators love to try to make you bet across more sessions of their websites. So don’t waste any interest betting bonuses by not checking your e-mail and spam boxes!

Betting Professionals and International apps

Non gamstop horse racing betting can be a lot more profitable than in the regulated space, and for that reason, professional investors that focus on horse sports betting make the most of the world of internationally regulated websites.

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