Popular Casino Game Themes

With so many different online casino games out on the market, efforts are often made to make certain titles stand out amongst many others and be as attractive as possible to a much wider audience, the most common way to do this is to incorporate either popular characters from the biggest IPs on the market or to use a variety of popular themes and styles that stand out. Amongst the biggest though, which have been the most popular casino themes over time, and which will be the most popular into the future too?

Vegas – It’ll come as no surprise that sin city itself is one of the most popular themes, the  bright lights and the long history of the main strip of casinos makes this one of the most popular themes out there still and will continue to be a theme used by many games to replicate even a small amount of the success seen in the brick and mortar alternatives – the theme can become a bit drab though, after being used so often it’s one that has become tired over time, and so other alternatives may be a better fit for audiences seeking them.

Folklore and Luck – A lot of folklore traditions and symbols are based around luck and the good fortune they bring, as such they make a perfect theme for casino games as the superstitious players will turn to these to bring that same good fortune and good luck. Often decorated with bright colors and idols that bring this luck, they can be a bit over the top for some players, but for others it’s the perfect look when hoping to win big on some of the most popular games across all operators.

Lost civilizations – Similarly to folklore and luck, there are some that believe the lost ancient civilizations were prophets and bringers of good fortune too, that or ancient curses could be lifted to bring prosperity. It comes as no surprise then that the ancient Greeks and Aztecs often provide a popular theme in online casino games too, and also often tie in to a figurehead character or historical person to become the face of these games too and can provide a very refreshing aesthetic amongst the lights of Vegas themes and bright colors of folklore too.

These are just a few of the many, Asia and the far east have often provided a great backdrop, the wild west and sci-fi too, and provide an exciting way for many to enjoy new types of games too.