Top Betting Tips for the Tokyo Olympics

For now, it looks like the Tokyo games will go ahead as planned as the IOC have continued to suggest that there won’t be anything to stop the games moving forward, and whilst still holding on to the 2020 games moniker, July will be the start date for the games in 2021. Bookies will be preparing game odds ahead of time now it looks like there won’t be anything to stop things moving forward – so what are some top betting tips to get you through the Tokyo games later this year?

Stick to the games and sports you know – Whilst it’s always exciting to explore the huge number of different games available on show, there’s often a lot of nuance to each different sport that may only be understandable for those who have a bit of a deeper knowledge – betting on potential medallists for diving when you’re not overly sure on the scoring criteria could be a fruitless endeavour. For both a better chance of winning alongside a reduced chance of losing, stick to the games you’re more comfortable with and the games you have a better understanding of.

Look out for previous champs and upcoming prodigies – Whilst some sports are dominated by the younger talents that are able to do acrobatic feats fit just for these prodigies, just as many athletes have certainly been around the block somewhat and have won through multiple different years and over multiple different games. Keeping an eye out for these well-seasoned veterans with multiple medals can be a shoe in for a win  as they continue to carve their own path through the Olympics with a string of big wins, but also don’t neglect the young newcomers who are incredibly hungry and look to put up the huge and risky performances to land moves never seen before and to take greater strides to leaving their own mark on whichever sport they’re involved in.

Consider your bets early and follow expert advice – Whilst each individual expert will have their own opinions and tipsters will typically have a spotty track record over the years, it’s always good to get a second opinion to see if they match or conflict with your own and to see their own reasons why. Similarly, once odds are available it’s important to get your bets in early, futures betting can secure you much better odds and if you are right then you can get a much better pay-out, and with more knowledge comes bigger winnings too.