By Ben Walker, last updated 8th December 2023

In recent years, online casinos have exploded in popularity thanks to the increased convenience they offer to those who aren’t willing to travel down to their local casino.

However, those who have signed up for the Gamstop UK scheme will be aware that it can be hard to get back into this activity that everyone loves thanks to the restrictions that Gamstop places on individuals.

Nonetheless, it is hard to say that Gamstop hasn’t been effective since its release.

Gamstop was launched in 2018 as a self-exclusion scheme. Since then, it has registered over 200,000 people. Of course, this is useful to players who are problem gamblers, but the scheme is limited in that it is difficult to get out of once circumstances change.

This has led to many players seeking how to get around Gamstop. Fortunately, there are many online casinos not on Gamstop that UK players can access, as the list below shows.


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How Do We Rate the Best Non-Gamstop Casino Sites?

No casino sites are complete without games to play, and the same is true for casinos not on Gamstop too. Games are what makes any online casino site which is why it is important to consider what kind of game providers that these sites are using. Non Gamstop casinos UK are usually rated on the selection of games they possess as this is what players will be looking at when they arrive on the site.

As non Gamstop casinos need to go through game providers to source their games, they must be thoroughly checked to ensure that the games not on Gamstop that players will be accessing are exciting to play. After all, that is what keeps users playing; this would have been something that many did during the lockdowns and this can be seen by the fact that Gamstop registrations were reduced by 300 during the first lockdown.

Number of Games

It should already be a given that the games found on sites without Gamstop should excite users and encourage them to keep on playing. However, it is not enough to have just a few, high-quality games like slots without Gamstop or poker. There also needs to be a great collection of games on any casino without Gamstop as this give players a big selection to choose from. Naturally, most users appreciate choice, especially those who have been playing casino games for a long time.

With this idea comes variation too. It is fine to offer slots, but any other slot games on these sites should also be markedly different to the rest so users do not become bored.


Something that will excite most casino players is what kind of bonuses they can get access to as these promotions often allow players to win more than they usually would. The best non Gamstop casinos will usually offer these as a way of attracting players who are looking to gain a great gambling experience despite being signed up to Gamstop.

Bonuses are always attractive, so it makes sense for players to search for the sites that offer the biggest and best of these. However, problem gamblers can become easily tempted by these bonuses as they will make them want to spend more, emphasising the need for Gamstop. There is no doubt that people appreciate the service though as in September 2021, Gamstop saw a 25% increase in registrations from 2020.

Gamstop registration statistics

Real Money Games at Gambling Sites Not on Gamstop

One benefit of casinos not on Gamstop UK is that they offer the same selection of casino games that users have become accustomed to on traditional casino sites. This means that there will be that same sense of familiarity when they are searching for their favourite games not on Gamstop.


Slots are a popular game not just in the UK, but pretty much the whole world. This is likely because they are the casino game that is easiest to pick up, and players who are looking to engage in Gamstop gambling will find that many of the non Gamstop UK sites offer this option. However, the popular games that some players might have gotten used to will likely not be present on these sites as these options are made by UKGC-licensed slots developers.

Bingo and Lottery

Like those players who are searching for UK slots not on Gamstop, there will also be many who enjoy playing bingo and lottery. Fortunately, bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK, meaning that finding these options on gambling sites without Gamstop should be an easy enough endeavour.

Some might be aware that bingo has a reputation for being played by a certain group of people, most notably the elderly and women, which might explain why women account for 30% of registered Gamstop users. However, it is an exciting game that can be enjoyed by all.

Gamstop gender discrepancies


Slingo is still an emerging game within the gambling industry but it has still picked up a sizeable player base in the UK. In the last few years in particular, it has seen a surge in demand. However, given the fact that Slingo is not as popular as some other casino games, those who are looking for it on gambling sites not on Gamstop UK will be disappointed to learn that their options are limited.


There shouldn’t be a gambler who is looking for a non Gamstop casino UK that has not heard of poker. The game is timeless and is one of the most iconic that gambling has to offer players. Given the kind of reputation that poker has, most sites not on Gamstop will have it in their collection of games.

Poker is iconic and is enjoyed by people of all ages, but in recent years, younger people have started to enjoy the game more. This might explain why Gamstop reported that 59% of total users were aged between 18-34. It is especially harmful if younger users develop a problem gambling habit so while the fact that so many are signed up to Gamstop is a good thing, it also highlights a greater societal problem.

Online Casinos Not Blocked by Gamstop Bonuses

While many will be aware that online casino sites typically offer their customers bonuses, some might not know that these bonuses can come in a range of different formats. The same is true for a casino not on Gamstop UK too. Here are some of the most popular bonuses that casino sites without Gamstop offer.

Free Spins

The vast majority of people know how slots work, and operators can recognise this. This is why free spins are one of the most popular types of bonus around – they offer users the chance to win on the slot options that users will find on casinos that don’t use Gamstop. However, these are usually accompanied by deposit requirements, so they might not be as beneficial as they might seem at a first glance.

Given these conditions, some problem gamblers might be negatively affected by this bonus if they are already struggling financially, making the need for Gamstop clear. The scheme reported that 25% of registered people were not in full or part time employment, illustrating that these are the vulnerable people whom Gamstop is trying to protect.

No Deposit

Without a doubt, no deposit bonuses are among the most beloved of bonuses in the gambling community. This is because players can start playing their favourite games without even depositing, which is useful for trying out a site before users spend their own money. These are rarer to find when gambling without Gamstop, but not impossible. On the other hand, these usually come with wagering requirements that demand users to spend before they can withdraw their winnings earned from the no deposit bonus.

Matched Deposit

Every casino player should already be aware of matched deposit bonuses as these are arguably the most common type of bonus that players will see offered online. For those casinos not on Gamstop, this will likely be a standard promotion that users can access regardless of the website. These are always useful to players as there are typically no catches – a player will deposit and the casino matches it with a stated percentage.

Why Do Online Casinos Work With Gamstop?

Given the nature of the Gamstop programme, it is easy to see why online casinos might want to work with Gamstop. Many players can gamble responsibly without any problem, but there will always be those high-risk players that won’t be able to control their gambling. This is a problem that doesn’t discriminate – Gamstop reported that the ethnic makeup of its registered uses mirrored the UK population. This is why Gamstop is a godsend for these players, as it means that they voluntary agree to be prevented from accessing most forms of gambling.

However, those casinos who are licensed in the UK no longer have a choice to work with Gamstop or not; in 2020, the UKGC made it mandatory for these casinos to be signed up to the Gamstop programme. While this may have helped a good number of players, the scheme is not bulletproof in that players can still access a casino not on Gamstop by looking at offshore options.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why UK licensed casinos would want to be part of Gamstop despite regulations saying that they must do so anyway. The UKGC and the operators that exist within the UK are already likely aware that players can search for an online casino without Gamstop, but this does not mean that the scheme is any less relevant.

In fact, Gamstop is working; 58% of those who are with Gamstop stay for the maximum exclusion period of five years. The reason it is in place is to protect vulnerable gamblers who couldn’t otherwise help themselves. In this way, online casinos who sign up to Gamstop are doing their part to stem a societal problem.

Gamstop exclusions

Additionally, the UKGC has high standards when it comes to issuing operators a license. This means that those who do have it are a step above the rest when it comes to what they are offering to customers. Because people are more likely to gamble at a casino that is regulated by the UKGC than one that isn’t, attempting to get a license provides a great financial reason why online casinos might want to sign up to Gamstop.

About the Author: Ben Walker
About the Author: Ben Walker

Hi, I’m Ben Walker. Ph.D. in business management and with over 15 years in the gaming industry. I have been following the speedy changes going over the industry in the past years, and since the increase in numbers of UK players getting cheated out of their money by scam casinos I have created maximumcasinos in the hope to lead educate gamblers about safe casino sites.
The site and the information I list are aimed to help players stay away from shady gambling sites and have a safe gambling experience.