Does Website Layout Impact Online Casinos?

With anything in the online space, there are often decisions that need to be made around design choice and styling – online casinos are no exception here and whilst they’re available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, there also tends to be many common choices across all sites as standardized website layouts seem common. Some sites do push for change here, however, to stand out amongst the competition, but does website layout have a big impact on how online casinos operate, or is this a non-factor?

Moving important features may be harmful

The location of some important aspects of sites has become so ingrained across all of web design that moving them can be harmful to sites and some online casinos have found this out the hard way. The most notable certainly comes from logging in or registering with the most common position being in the top right-hand corner of any site – the sites that have tried to adjust this formula may find users struggling to locate where the sign up or login buttons are and may have them seeking out another site.

Accounting for device and display

Responsive design is another key part of modern sites and online casinos are the same here too designed to flex around whichever device or resolution the user may be playing on, but even with responsive design some elements can shift and become less than ideal under certain circumstances. For sites with a large collection of games, the standard grid pattern of the games on offer is one of these things that can adjust and become difficult to navigate. Much like the important features, getting this wrong may lead to players seeking out alternatives.

Users experience first is key

Ultimately, a good website layout factors in user experience first and foremost and having vital information easily accessible – online casinos have a variety of information that needs to be shared from licensing, payment information, and frequently asked questions too. For most sites these are often in the same place, and those that play a round with this formula tend to receive lots of questions that could be otherwise answered by following the standardized approach.

Much like all websites, layout and experience is a vital part of the online casino experience and it reasons to see why so many follow the same pattern – so when trying out a new site and discovering that it seems very familiar with slight adjustments to imagery or wording, there is a purpose behind doing so to meet player expectations too.