Why Penny, Fruit and Pub Slots Refuse to Go Extinct

The very first slot machines to debut online (indeed, the very first slots of all time in the land-based world, too) were one-armed bandits or so-called fruit machines. They’ve been around for over 150 years, and their basic design hasn’t changed. Given that today, we’re living in an age of video slots, progressive jackpot titles, MegaWays games, 3D slots, community jackpots, book-themed games, and titles that feature Cluster Pays and all sorts of random and static mechanics, why would anyone choose to play these ancient ancestors of modern slot machines? 

Surely, we’ve progressed beyond three-reel, minimal-line slot machines? As it happens – no. In fact, far from it. Classic slots, whether they are penny slots, fruit machines, or pub fruities, continue to remain very popular with the slot-going audience, both online and offline. Why? Join me as I explain everything in today’s blog.

Common Types of Classic Slots

Before I dive into why these games continue to be so popular, let me explain the three types of classic slots you can commonly find online, as each is a little different. Here are the key things you need to know about penny, fruit, and pub slots:

Penny Slots

Penny slots aren’t necessarily tied to the three-reel, single-line format that many people assume. Penny slots can, in fact, be video slots with five reels and up to twenty-five lines. They get their name from the fact that they can be played with stakes costing as little as one penny per spin. This is because the number of lines you play with can be altered. They are still incredibly basic, and most are three-reel, one-line games, but they don’t have to be.

Fruit Machines

Like penny slots, fruit machines can appear at online casinos for UK players as three-reel or five-reel games. They get their name from the fruit symbols that typically appear on the reels. Most of these games are classic slots because they are built using the same mechanics as those early slot games. Yes, there may be the odd wild symbol or even free spins, but in many cases, they will be devoid of features.

Pub Fruities/Fruit Machines

Pub fruit machines, or pub fruities are the real oddball here. They are based on arcade machines that were popular in UK pubs in the 80s and early 90s. They are often three-reel fruit machines at heart, but they pack additional features, including nudges and often a board game-style bonus round. While epic titles such as Games Global’s Cash ‘N’ Curry may no longer be available, a new steady stream of these games is continually being released.


The Popularity of Classic Slots

Pub fruit machines and all manner of classic slots simply refuse to die and go extinct. They still appear in great numbers at online casinos. Why would you choose to play something with lower RTP rates and fewer features? Well, as it happens, there are a few reasons why these games continue to attract a crowd, including these ones: 

  •     They are often very adjustable in terms of lines and stakes, allowing you to balance your budget as you see fit.
  •     They are basic, so newbies don’t have to spend hours trying to understand them.
  •     Some of them carry progressive prizes that are easier to win than their video slot counterparts.
  •     The RTP rate in these games isn’t as bad as you might think. Moreover, players assume winning is harder because there aren’t as many lines. However, there are fewer symbols, which offsets that. Hit rates are perfectly reasonable in classic slots.
  •     Nostalgia. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, especially with players of real brick-and-mortar fruit machines from back in the day.
  •     Some of these will mimic the slots of Las Vegas, so anybody who has played them there may wish to have a crack at them online.

Software Providers Continually Release New Games

It is not as though fruit machines had their day, and software providers no longer release these games. Most major casino software providers continually unveil new fruit machines. Not at the same scale or rate that they do with other games, of course. They tend to trickle out of software providers rather than stream out, but there are still new games to play. This steady influx of releases wouldn’t happen if they weren’t popular. Moreover, classic slots may not remain popular if this didn’t happen. In a way, both software providers and players alike complement each other and ensure that the oldest form of slots around continues to carve out a place for itself in a world dominated by new slot mechanics, engines, and features.


How to Pick the Best Classic Slots

Now that you know a bit about why classic slots remain popular, let’s explain how to find the best ones out there, in case you fancy having a crack at these games today. Here are my top tips for finding the best classic slots online: 

  •     Decide whether you want to play fruit machines, penny slots, or pub fruities ahead of time. Pick a slot based on that preference.
  •     If you aren’t sure whether a game is for you, play it as a free demo to get a better idea before you wager real money.
  •     Always pick classic slots that feature as few symbols as possible. This will increase your chances of landing a win.
  •     Avoid falling for some newer fruit machines that offer less value than some of the older, classic slots that they are based on.
  •     Classic slots should have an RTP rate of at least 93%, be playable for as little as 1p a spin, and have prizes worth at least 500x a bet. Anything outside of those parameters isn’t worth looking at.

Where to Play Penny, Fruit and Pub Slots Online

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