Features that Changed Online Casinos

Whether it be through changing player attitudes or the evolution of games and services over time, online casinos can pull in millions of users per week and it’s the big features that separate certain games from others. These features can be available in all shapes and sizes, whether they change the way the games play, the experience the user has, or even things like potential pay-out as seen with some features – but which have been the most influential in changing not only the way players perceive online casinos, but also how the games themselves have evolved into something more?

Soundtracks and licensing

Games that have a particular flair to them are always going to attract a bigger audience, it offers something more familiar whilst also bringing a big names to a new game – there’s a reason why big AAA games can often succeed as part of a series. Online casino games are no different here, licensing rights that bring superheroes or celebrities to the games, as well as a soundtrack from a big-name rock band can certainly help change perception and have led to some of the most successful casino games over time too as operators and game developers continue to push in this direction.

Avalanche reels helped to change slots

As the most popular games at casinos both online and offline, it’s no surprise that slot games have went through a large amount of change over time too – and one of the most successful of these changes has certainly been within the introduction of avalanche reels which are more common to see than traditional slots games. Rather than a traditional spin, symbols instead fall down granting further chances to win somewhat similar to how Tetris blocks would fall – if the player lands a winning line, that line explodes, and new tiles fall into place offering an additional chance to win and essential a pseudo-free spin.

Digital banking and crypto

Different banking methods have long been a goal for many online casinos to strive towards with the ultimate goal of speeding up both deposits and withdrawals for players – whilst times have come down dramatically over the past decade, for some services there’s often still a small overlap or waiting period particularly on withdrawals. Crypto payments in particular have been looking to change this by offering near instant payments for both transactions, incoming and outgoing, and many online casinos have since started to lean into this alongside a whole host of ewallet and digital payment methods that continue to speed up this vital part of the experience.

These are just a few of the many changes, but online operators will continue to evolve and develop new ways to ensure the best possible customer experience, and in many ways is one of the reasons why online services are pulling ahead of their offline counterparts as the flexibility and ability to change offers something that brick-and-mortar casinos have not yet found a way to match.