Online Gambling Trends for 2022

Although we’re just over halfway through the year, 2022 has been a huge year for online gambling as different countries with the US in particular pushing for major regulation change and bringing new services online with game developers and providers pushing out new content too. This big push for online gaming is leading to trends developing particularly in the online casino space – but which are the biggest gambling trends to emerge in 2022?

Crypto casinos and crypto gambling

Having emerged a couple of years ago, crypto casinos and crypto games have been amongst the fastest growing in the space – not only do they offer additional security and anonymity with fast deposit and withdrawal options, but they also feature unique bonuses and offers that aren’t usually available to traditional payment methods.

Many of the biggest crypto casinos and game providers are also pushing hard with sponsorships and deals too, with games being regularly livestreamed on Twitch and sharing partnerships with big celebrity names to get the brand out there – despite some troubles affecting the largest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with prices tumbling over the past year, it’s safe to say that crypto casinos are the biggest trend in the gaming space right now and will look to continue for some time yet as innovations continue to be pushed.

Safer online gambling

Whilst major changes have came to the US gambling market, other adjustments have been made in gambling markets such as the UK with a big push for safer and more transparent online gaming – whether this be changes to payment methods, to the way the games play, or with new rules around how games can be advertised through different mediums like television and social media.

Many of these changes have been quite substantial and have a huge impact on the way many of the most popular games play, slowing them down and providing more information to the player around how long they’ve been playing and how much has been spent too – with the number of changes being made, it can be said that promoting safer online gambling has become a trend within itself.

Live casinos are still thriving

Some players believe that live casinos are a relatively recent thing, but the truth is the concept of them has been around since the late 90’s – it’s only really in the past few years however where technology has caught up and allowed lived casino games to grow in the way they have, and in these last few years where they have grown to become the most popular games on most casino websites.

These games have only continued to thrive in 2022 as well, in some part due to livestreaming efforts but also because of the big push seen to have social and interactive gameplay be more inclusive too – when more traditional games seem simple in comparison live casinos will likely remain a popular trend moving forward.

Online casinos need to change regularly to interest new and existing players and taking these trending features in stride leads to these online casinos growing popularity – other trends emerging continue to include virtual reality and smartwatch casinos too as the industry continues to evolve.