Different Platforms for Online Gambling

As online gambling has grown over the past decade with the launch of mobile platforms, this isn’t the only popular choice for different gaming options as different platforms are suited for different players. Many are very similar in terms of what types of games they offer, and the type of gameplay offered too, but others fall a bit outside of the norm and offer something a bit different. But which are the different online gambling platforms, and where do the differences exist between them?

Dedicated PC was the biggest option for a while – Those who remember the earliest days of online gambling will fondly look back to primarily online poker lobbies and similar on PC, but it had also been the first platform where web-based online casinos were easily accessible.

With the launch of mobile gaming, PC platforms have taken something of a back seat in recent years, but web-based gaming is still widely available for those looking for online platforms, and dedicated games still exist too with the same Poker games being present that have grown in this same period of time.

Something as an aside here too comes in the form of loot boxes – whilst they aren’t exclusive to PC they are widely represented, and currently sit in a grey area for online gambling whilst their true role is still being discovered.

Console options exist, but very limited – The latest generation of video game consoles have really pushed the bar on what games are capable of, but consoles have always been very limited in the sense of online casino games.

There are some standalone titles once again aimed at online gambling titles like Poker, but the ability to access web based online casinos wasn’t always possible on consoles and still something that’s not too easily accessible leaving consoles to be one of the lower representations of online gambling players.

All things mobile – The launch of various app stores back in 2008 really gave rise to mobile gaming, and online casinos didn’t go unnoticed here either. Some were able to launch through dedicated apps on these marketplaces particularly through online betting, whilst online casinos remained largely browser based.

As networking changes have come over time with 4G and now 5G in particular, it has allowed online casinos to continue thriving through the now billions of players that regularly access gaming titles, and as the older demographic explore gaming through mobile too, online casinos have become a particular favorite.

As the US starts to lean into the growth of iGaming and other countries around the world adjust to the huge growth being seen, there’s further change to online casinos in different platforms expected to be seen, but forecasts continue to show lots of growth for perhaps the biggest genre in gaming currently.