Virtual Sports Games at Online Casinos Explained

Nowadays, online casinos offer far more than just table games and slots. In fact, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, including instant win casino games, proper sports betting, and, if you’re lucky, virtual sports options. No, I’m not talking about e-sports betting, though; you can find that, too. I’m talking about virtual sports games. 

Goal - Match ExampleWhat are virtual sports games, though, and why do online casinos offer them? These increasingly popular casino games are just that – casino games, and they are becoming commonplace at all the top sites for UK players. In this week’s blog, I’m going to take to the field and introduce you to the ins and outs of betting on virtual sports at your favourite sites. The whistle has just blown, so let’s dive into the action.

What Are Virtual Sports Games?

Let’s be clear about one thing – virtual sports games are not the same as e-sports of placing bets at UK betting sites not on GamStop. This is a completely different concept and set of games at online casinos. 

With virtual sports, you are betting on fantasy games, fictional games, sports events and matches that have no resonance or ties to the real world. In effect, it’s like playing Football Manager on your PC, F1 Manager on your PS5, Top Eleven on your mobile phone, or any other sports management simulation game you want to think of. However, while the matches are played out in a similar way to those games, you’ve got a bet on the outcome. You won’t have any real impact in terms of strategy, team management or any of that – but you can use a wealth of spreadsheet-like statistics to help you.

How Do Virtual Sports Games Work?

Virtual sports games are built on the same concept as most other online casino games. In short, they offer random results based on a set of statistics that are worked through an algorithm. Let’s touch on two important aspects of virtual sports games to better understand this concept.

Based on RNG Algorithms

As with slots, the results of each virtual sports bet are not predetermined. They are determined at random using RNG algorithms. However, unlike slots – which are the true definition of games of chance, there is a small amount of predictability to virtual sports games. You can’t deploy strategy as you would in, say, poker or blackjack. You can’t count cards. What you can do, though, is make use of all the statistics at your disposal, as virtual sports games love to showcase those. The algorithm will be relying (to a degree) on those stats to generate fair and accurate random results, so you’ve got at least one way of predicting the outcome, even if you won’t always be correct.

Sports Knowledge Won’t Really Help

Forget about what you know about real sports teams and players. They don’t matter much in the world of virtual sports. You see, the creators of these games can’t use real players or even real teams, since they require licences. That is a costly enterprise and one that many game developers just don’t want to fork out for. So, your real-world sports knowledge won’t come in very handy for betting on virtual sports games. Instead, you’ll want to rely on all the stats and data of the fictional players found in the league. 

Of course, I’m not saying that Premier League fantasy games won’t feature Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, or Real Madrid – I’m simply saying that they won’t be the same teams with the same real-world qualities or ratings.

What Can I Win Playing These Games?

Virtual sports games are played using fixed odds. What I mean by that is that you will know exactly what you can win before you place your bet. In principle, you’ll bet largely in the same way you would do if you were wagering on a real-life sports match. Odds will be shown in decimal format, and you can place a bet as usual. For instance, if you bet £1 on Manchester United to defeat Crystal Palace at odds of 3:1, then you’ll win your bet back plus the 3:1 odds. 

There are some virtual sports games which go beyond simple match betting. Some even allow for accumulators, parlays (such as first to score) and futures, such as who will win the league. These, naturally, offer longer odds, but the bet is played out over a much longer timeframe.

The Best Virtual Sports Games at Online Casinos

Almost all the major sports are represented in this genre of online casino games. There are quite a few software providers out there which specialise in these types of games. Kiron Interactive and its GOAL games can be found at most of the top reputable no-GamStop casinos on this website. SoccerBet: English League, for instance, is another top title you may wish to consider if you fancy a spot of fantasy Premier League action. 

Typically, you can find virtual casino games based on all the following sports and a good deal which aren’t listed here: 

  •     Football
  •     American Football
  •     Formula 1 and Motor Racing
  •     Basketball
  •     Ice Hockey
  •     Tennis
  •     Baseball
  •     Cricket

Play Virtual Sports Games at Casinos Online Today

Hopefully, you’ll have a good understanding of how virtual sports games can be played at online casinos. If you fancy your chances of betting on top fantasy sports options, where do you begin?

As touched on, most established casinos now offer you the ability to wager on these games. However, you’ll want to pick sites that support the most interactive and in-depth options, where you may be able to use a touch of strategy to boost your odds of success. You’ll also want to find a site that isn’t hindered by GamStop. Therefore, if you want my opinion, I’d recommend heading over to the best casinos not on GamStop found on this website. You can read reviews before you make up your mind about becoming a new online casino player today.

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