Online Betting Not on Gamstop

For people betting in the UK, the existence of Gamstop can sometimes be a restrictive and confusing presence in their plans. While there can be no doubt that Gamstop has a purpose and makes a big difference in the lives of the people it helps, it does make betting in the UK more complicated. If you are a Gamstop member, then you may be blocked from UK betting sites, often for longer than you need to be. So it becomes tempting to consider methods of online betting not on Gamstop – which, as we will see, are often well worth checking out.

People will invariably have questions about online betting not on Gamstop. As the term itself suggests, these sites are not subject to the restrictions that exist for UK betting sites. If you want to bet at sites not on Gamstop, but have questions yourself, we can certainly go a long way to answering those questions here.

Why are there sites for online betting not on Gamstop?

To make it perfectly blunt, only sites based on the United Kingdom, and in possession of UKGC licences, are subject to Gamstop. If you’re a casino or bookmaker based outside the UK – otherwise known as “offshore” – then you couldn’t sign up to Gamstop even if you wanted to. So there are sites outside of the UK, at which a UK customer can legally bet, which are non Gamstop. These betting sites not on Gamstop are an alternative way to bet if you are self-excluded for longer than you feel is necessary.

Why would you want online betting not on Gamstop?

Non Gamstop betting sites aren’t just for people who are excluded via Gamstop. The UK Gambling Commission places restrictions on bettors and sites that are not in place outside of the UK. These can include how a customer deposits in and withdraws from their casino account, such as credit card casinos and other ways. It’s also fairly common to see bigger bonuses and more variety in games when you use online betting not on Gamstop. Sportsbook bonuses, for example, are often four or more times more lucrative than the Gamstop-restricted sites can offer.

Is online betting not on Gamstop legal?

Yes. That’s the short answer. The longer answer is that you generally won’t be breaking the law no matter where you bet, but in the case of unlicensed casinos and betting shops, the provider will be. However, most online betting not on Gamstop is done instead at casinos that get licences from somewhere other than the UK. It is legal for them to offer their services to you, legal for you to use them, and legal to promote them legitimately within the UK.

Of course, your experience of online betting not on Gamstop will vary depending on the casinos and betting sites you use. These sites differ considerably, and it is always worth reading reviews of betting sites not on Gamstop so you can get a rounded view of the options available to you.