In recent times, gambling addiction has been a perennial problem in society. This is especially so given that there is an exploding number of online casino sites and also the fact that the internet is such a ubiquitous thing today. While there have been some initiatives in stomping out gambling addiction such as Gamstop developed by a non-profit organisation, which allows players to restrict themselves from accessing online casinos, they have not been 100% successful which is why it is important to learn more about other self-exclusion schemes such as Gamban.

However, the caveat is that these online casinos have to be registered under Gamstop, if they are non gamstop casinos then it won’t help them. Otherwise, they would not be affected by the restriction. In this article, the experts behind maximumcasinos would like to introduce another online casino self-exclusion program – Gamban. One key difference between Gamban and Gamstop is that while the latter is free, the former requires some form of subscription. Nevertheless, they are currently offering a 7-days free trial and so users who need some form of help in curbing gambling addiction, do give it a try. In this article, I will be walking you through the program called Gamban and how it would work in helping you curb your gambling habits. So read on to find out more!

How does it work?

Let’s face it. The notion of self-handling a bad habit and to curb it is extremely difficult. Doing it on your own requires a significant amount of will power and self-discipline! Therefore, instead of leaving things into your hand, only to realise that you have wasted a significant amount of time, why not let a professional help you? Gamban does exactly just that. Gamban can block one’s access to thousands of gambling websites. It blocks any betting webpage to load on any of your devices. All you have to do is to install the Gamban software on all of your devices, simple. A single license is sufficient to share across all your other devices so a single subscription is sufficient. The Gamban software is programmed to prevent you from accessing any webpage containing any gambling related content or information.

Otherwise, there will not be any problems assessing any other webpages. Since this has been a growing problem in the UK especially, the UKGC has put out a new regulation banning credit cards as a payment method at online casinos. So the only option to play with credit cards will be at the few casinos that accept credit cards. Otherwise, stay away from all other sites that accept credit cards since they are probably a scam.

Gamban is extremely powerful and helpful for those who lack that will power to curb their gambling addictions. Besides, the software’s interface is simple, clear and straightforward to install and use. Do note that when installing, the essence of the software might cause some of your antivirus programs to react. Rest assured, that it is not some sort of spyware or virus. In case it is detected, permit the software within your anti-virus to allow the product to make changes to the computer. Once the software is installed, it cannot be easily deleted or rewritten, which is a program that you would want to aid you in a decisive battle against gambling addiction. However, in the scenario that you would want to remove the program, here is what you can do.

It does matter if you are in the UK, France or Germany. Once you sign up to Gamban you should be blocked from all casinos including all European casinos and not only the ones registered in your home Country.

You can either direct your request to the customer support, or you can access your account management page and delete all data, especially your payment details. When the license expires, the payment will automatically lapse and therefore it will not be renewed.

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Pros & Cons

Now, given the wide myriad of choices out there that claim to help you in curbing your gambling addiction, how does one go about making their decisions? Like everything else, everything has its pros and cons. Similarly for Gamban, it has both upsides and downsides to the program. In this paragraph, I will be listing the various pros and cons of the program. Let me first begin with the positive aspects of the program. Aforementioned, Gamban is an extremely powerful program. Unlike some other programs that may only block out certain or every gambling site, Gamban blocks out any gambling related content, including webpages, advertisements, and news. This is powerful because it removes any sort of temptation that could trigger one’s addiction. Besides, there are simply no ways of bypassing Gamban in accessing any online betting site. The other positive aspect of Gamban is its option of cross-platforms, allowing players to have the same setup across all of their devices. And best of all, it really works as thousands of players testify.

Moving on to the downsides. I think the greatest negative aspect of Gamban is their all-powerful detection tools. While it is a boon that they block out all gambling-related content and advertisements, there may be certain websites that are unrelated to gambling but due to certain algorithms, these websites are displaying gambling-related content and thereby ends up getting blocked by the software.

Period of time the program blocks/bans the gambler

This should be one of the more crucial paragraphs in this article since it talks about what price and duration of restriction that one can have. The platform is flexible and has several packages. You can more than one license and protect your staff as well. The default duration is of a single year. However, if you are buying in bulk, say a corporate purchase, you can get it cheaper for a year. If you are unsure if Gamban is for you, they are currently offering a free 7-day trial where you can experience the software for yourself. Currently, the cost of a year is priced at 24.99 pounds.


All in all, sometimes it is important to have some form of external help in curbing out addictions. For gambling, look to Gamban as it is an all-powerful device that will restrict you from accessing not only gambling sites but also all forms of gambling-related content across all of your devices. Furthermore, once downloaded, the software cannot be removed easily and therefore it compels users to follow through with their commitment which is crucial in any journey or curbing any addiction. That being said, you must rely only on gamban but please seek professional help as we are now witnessing the same issue with Gamstop since people assumed it would completely block them only to find that there still are a number of betting sites not on gamstop they can wager at.

At any point in time if you are facing any technical difficulties, do contact their live chat support immediately. They are a professional team that will respond almost instantaneously. Otherwise, for any other issues, you are also tagged to a dedicated consultant who will aid you in your journey in overcoming your gambling problems and to help you rebuild your life.