Gambling addiction has been a perennial problem all around the world. With the proliferation of the internet and the increasing number of online casinos all over the wold and especially around EU Online Casinos, it has since become even harder to monitor those who are addicted to gambling. More often than not, it is up to the individual or your loved ones who can tell whether one has been addicted to gambling or not. Gambling addiction is detrimental to multiple aspects of a person’s life, such as his well-being, relationships with his loved ones, and his career prospects. Hence, personnel at risk of gambling addiction must be identified earlier so that appropriate countermeasures can be developed earlier.

In this article, I would like to introduce a program called Betfilter. It is an anti-gambling software and is the number one selling anti-gambling software of all time! With over 100,000 downloads, Betfiler is the most complete and trusted anti-gambling software on the market. The experts at maximumcasinos will be talking more about the program below. Therefore, for those who think that they are at risk of gambling addiction or knows someone who is at risk, this article would be of interest to you. So read on to find out more!

How does it work?

Betfilter was developed by a group of experienced software developers who have had years of experience mostly in the development of software solutions and online sales. It has been developed and tested in cooperation with “Center For Ludomani” in Denmark, which is the oldest and largest of its kind in Scandinavia which provides help and treatment for compulsive gamblers.

So what is Betfilter? Essentially, it is a program designed to help one stop gambling. Tests have also been conducted on people with real gambling problems and the results have been positive thus far. All you have to do is to purchase its licensing online from their main website. After this, you can simply download the program from the website. The installation of Betfilter only takes a few minutes and can be installed by anyone on any device.

Betfilter restricts one from access any gambling related websites and applications. There is no “Keyword Blocking” which means that it will not be blocking a website simply because the term gambling was mentioned. This means that there will not be any over- blocking whereby sites that are unrelated to gambling gets blocked. After the program or the App is successfully downloaded, it will run in the background and therefore, there will not be any annoying messages or alerts popping up on your screen. You will also not be allowed to bypass the program through amending your DNS, using VPN’s or any other sort of program. Even though VPNs are often utilized to protect one’s online activities from hackers, some try to use them to get around protective barriers. However, Betfilter understands this and blocks this from happening, yes, it is foolproof like that.

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Pros & Cons

What we like most about Betfilter are two things. First, the usage of technology in sieving out gambling related sites and those that merely talk about gambling helps in ensuring targeted restrictions. How often have we seen websites getting filtered out simply because the website contains the word gambling but has nothing to do with it? This is only possible because of the vast amount of experience that the developers have had with developing such software and are therefore sensitive to the needs of users.

Another positive aspect of Betfilter is the fact that there is simply no means of bypassing the software’s restrictions once it is being imposed on the user. Given modern technology, it is easy for users to bypass one’s firewall, or any other form of restrictions either through changing the DNS of the websites or purchasing any sort of VPN. Many people decide to use a VPN when they want to access Netflix shows that air in other countries. No wonder so many people are looking for a VPN for their own uses. For example, someone like Josh reviewed the best Canadian VPN’s here so you can use this as a research tool to find the best one for you. This type of tool works for most areas. However, as previously mentioned, such gimmicks will not work with Betfilter and thereby showcasing once again the sensitivity of its developers. Therefore, for those who are thinking to outsmart the software, I will suggest you give it up.

In addition, Betfilter can be more helpful than the reputable Gamstop as anyone who wishes to can simply find non gamstop casinos and play whereas on BetFilter you are more protected.

Overall players reviews of this platform are a bit mixed so we recommend trying it for yourself as some people like it and other find it to be less effective.

The only negative aspect of Betfilter is the fact that you are unable to cross-share it across your various devices. This means that you will have to purchase individual licenses for each of your devices, which could surmount to a pretty hefty sum. Nevertheless, what is this sum compared to the price of being addicted to gambling and the subsequent effects that it could have?

Period of time the program blocks/bans the gambler

There is currently two duration of licensing that one can choose from. The 1 year licensing for windows will cost you USD 69.95 while the 2 years licensing will cost you USD 118.90. Unfortunately, these are the only two options available in the market as of yet. For those who require a longer duration will have no choice but to renew it when the initial restriction lapses. Do note that Betfilter cannot be uninstalled during your selection during your licensing period. So if you are looking to Bet at any betting sites not on gamstop self-exclusion platform you will have a very hard time.

This is extremely important especially when something triggers your inclination to return to gambling, which could result in you simply turning off the restriction.


All in all, we should always practice responsible for gambling. The UKGC has made special effort in order to protect gamblers by banning Credit cards as a mean of paying at online casinos leaving only a few casinos for UK players that still accept credit cards. So you are not alone in this fight and large legislating bodies are behind you!

Gambling addiction has is detrimental to multiple facets of our lives and to sacrifice our well-being for those moments of the thrill is just not worth it. Nevertheless, I also understand that while you may be committed to kicking this gambling addiction, there are just moments when your will power is lacking and this creates a gap for you to fall back into your addiction.

The above is why it is important to seek some sort of neutral and external help to police your discipline in kicking the habit. On this note, Betfilter does exactly that. With a reputation known to help multiple previous gambling addicts kick their addiction, Betfilter has the track record to support the credibility of its powerful program. The usage of technology has allowed it to filter and restrict gambling sites rather than restricting any site containing the word gambling.

It is also able to prevent all sorts of methods in bypassing its program, which is a testament to the robustness of its program. Therefore, for those who agree that gambling addiction will result in a price too huge to pay, you will also agree that paying for an all-rounded gambling restriction software is well worth the price.