Starburst Not On Gamstop

Are you one of the millions of people who love to play the Starburst slot which has become one of the most popular online casino games worldwide? Are you also someone who is currently excluded from your favourite casino games because you’re signed up to Gamstop – but are ready and willing to get back to online slots? Then you can probably see where we’re going with these questions. This is the site you need to be at if you want to find Starburst not on Gamstop as a UK online casino player.

Starburst netent slot Gamstop

We’re going to look at the sites you can sign up to and play Starburst slots today, and rate the best of these online casinos. Along with Starburst slot games, these sites also have all the other favourite games online slot fans love to play. And while you’re enjoying the Non Gamstop Starburst games we’ll also let you know where to find the best deposit bonus from sites providing Starburst slots. Below, you can see a list of the best sites offering Non Gamstop Starburst slots – and there’s much, much more where they came from.







  • New Casino

  • Sports Betting

  • Live Dealer

  • Not on Gamstop

18+ | T&C Apply



  • New Casino

  • Cards Accepted

  • Loyalty Club

  • No Gamstop

18+ | T&C Apply



  • New Casino

  • Live Dealer

  • Reload Boost

  • Non Gamstop

18+ | T&C Apply



  • New in December

  • Live Dealer

  • 30 Free Spins

  • No Gamstop

18+ | T&C Apply



  • All Cards Accepted

  • Live Betting

  • New Casino

  • Non Gamstop

18+ | T&C Apply



  • New Release!

  • Live Casino

  • Popular Slots

18+ | T&C Apply

The Red Lion Casino

UP TO £3000

  • BTC+Visa Accepted

  • 750% Welcome Package

  • Auto Cashback!

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Why do casino site users play Starburst?

When you can win close to $3 million on a slot – one player won $2,960,000 in one Starburst spin in September 2020 – then people are going to be interested. Numerous YouTube videos are in existence showing people’s impressive jackpots from this slot, and when you include the Starburst Megaways edition, which has a chunky RTP of 96.09%, it only makes sense that there will be a lot of slot gamers out there who are keen to follow in those footsteps. The chances are that it’s one of the most popular games at your chosen non Gamstop casino, and facts like the above make it clear why that is.

Active Paylines


Min Bet per Spin

0.10 (£/$/€)

Max Bet per Spin

100 (£/$/€)


Yes (Min 10 spins, Max 100 spins) 


96.02% (96.09% on Megaways)

How do we assess Non Gamstop Starburst slot sites?

We don’t just want to tell you to play Starburst slots at specific online casinos. We’re not here to dictate to you like that. We’d rather explain to you the qualities that make a site a worthwhile place at which to play Starburst slots. When we are evaluating Non Gamstop Starburst slots sites, we have some criteria in mind, and this is where we share those criteria with you.

Starburst Netent Wilds

Safe and legitimate casinos

When you are playing slots not on Gamstop, you are entitled to expect that your playing time will be fun, carefree and safe. That can only be the case if you’re playing at a licensed casino that puts the effort in to ensure that its UK players are looked after. This is an important part of the decision, and we make no apologies for putting it at the top of our list of criteria for online casinos. 

A selection of Non Gamstop slots

Although you may prefer Starburst above all other online slot machines, there is always time for a bit of variety. Just playing the one game, even if it is the Starburst online slot we know and love, will inevitably get a little bit samey. So our top Gamstop slot sites should have a few more games up their sleeves. The more, the better (and also the better, the better). If you’re playing slots not on Gamstop, it’s only natural to want to expand your range.

Great bonus offers on Starburst slots

You’ll notice that most of the casinos on our list have great deposit bonuses. Bonus payments are a fundamental part of any good casino’s offer to its customers. And at many casinos, Starburst slots is a chosen game on which they allow you to use free spins. Bonuses and free spins are a huge priority for us as casino fans, and if your casino doesn’t have welcome bonuses worth writing home about, then it’s not going to get very far up our list. If they offer Starburst slots with plenty of free spins, then of course it’s going to get our attention.

The best sites to play Starburst 

There is always going to be a long list of Starburst slot sites where you can play the game at an online casino, but not all sites are going to be up to the same standard. If you want to play Starburst slot games at the best possible casino, you’ll need to know what makes the difference between these Non Gamstop Starburst sites. When looking for the best Starburst casinos, we hope you will find our reviews helpful. The below are some of our preferred Non Gamstop casinos where playing Starburst is an option.

Hustles Casino

Hustles Casino live games

One of the most consistently high-quality Non Gamstop casinos currently available, Hustles Casino is filled with games from the best developers – including NetEnt, the developers of Starburst. Your enjoyment of Hustles Casino will come in no small part from the bonuses offered to you, which leave most slots sites far behind – and, of course, those bonuses can be used to play and win on casino games which include the Starburst slot. Among the legit online casino websites offering the game, this is among the very best.

Check out Hustles Casino here

Red Lion Casino

Red Lion Casino Starburst

This is an enjoyably stylish casino that offers a very solid gaming experience to anyone who plays here. There is a great bonus which matches your initial deposit by 250%, and the bonuses keep coming. And, of course, at the heart of the slots lobby, you’ll find what you’re looking for – NetEnt’s Starburst slot. Along with the wonderful slot game you’ve come to love, there are hundreds of other slots from leading software providers, making this a casino packed with gaming pleasure.

Check out The Red Lion here

Harry’s Casino

Harry's Casino bonus cashback

Harry’s is a highly reliable casino with excellent customer support and a large selection of games which make it one of the top casino sites not on Gamstop. As well as our favourite video slot game, there are huge numbers of Starburst slots alternatives, and keen players will love the plentiful bonuses which make your playing time here all the more enjoyable. Fans of serious online casinos will have a great time at Harry’s, and will keep coming back for more gaming fun.

Check out Harry’s here

Royal Oak Casino

Royal Oak Casino Starburst

Among the newest sites on our list, Royal Oak has clearly taken tips from the existing range of Non Gamstop Starburst games providers, as it carries all of the best elements of those casinos with none of the drawbacks. This is a superb casino with an excellent deposit bonus and it will appeal to anyone who loves to play Starburst or any of the other games on NetEnt’s large and growing list of phenomenal casino slots games. You’ll even find a great sportsbook here, if you want a little bit of a change from the usual.

Play at Royal Oak here

Mr Sloty

Mr Sloty Casino live dealer bonus

If you’re looking for a place to play Starburst not on Gamstop, then you are going to love Mr Sloty, where slot games are very much the order of the day. The casino has plenty of other games, but is justifiably recognised for its slate of slot games, which of course includes the Non Gamstop Starburst slot. This is a fun casino that is easy to navigate around, and of all the Non Gamstop sites it regularly finishes top of the list when people talk about their favourites.

Mostro Casino

Mostro Casino bonus

If the name seems a little odd to you, it is worth learning that “Mostro” is the Italian word for “Monster”, and that name is also a fair summation of the game library at the site itself. People looking for a chance to play their favourite slot not on Gamstop will be thrilled by what Mostro Casino is offering; superb bonuses and reload promotions, impressive customer support and one of the prettiest Starburst sites on the internet. This is one of the best slot sites we’ve played, hands down.

Slots N Bets

SlotsNBets Casino package

With its great feature payouts and large slate of NetEnt slots, this is a site that will appeal to all Starburst fans who want more than just one (great) game from their favourite gambling site. Slots N Bets does indeed feature Starburst, but like many of the Gamstop free sites in our list, it offers so much more, including (as the name suggests) a quality sportsbook. Along with all of the great games from Starburst providers NetEnt, Slots N Bets provides random and fair outcomes on all of its games and excellent customer service all around.

Very Well Casino

Very Well Casino bonus

We all show up to online casinos because they offer our favourite slot machine, and then we find other things to enjoy about them to the point where they become our favourite casinos. If you want to experience Starburst not on Gamstop, then Very Well Casino will be one of the best ways for you to do so, because it builds on the enjoyable NetEnt slot with hundreds more games and reliable payouts. Of all the Starburst slot sites we list, this is one of the very best out there.

Playing Starburst not on Gamstop: What you need to know

We’ve given you a list of potential options for casinos offering Starburst not on Gamstop. That’s helpful information, but there is more information worth knowing in addition to this, so in this section we’ll go through why it is beneficial to look for online betting sites offering the Starburst slot which are not on Gamstop. Here are a few of the advantages you can look forward to from playing Starburst not on Gamstop.

Advantages of Starburst slots not on Gamstop

Suitable sites for self-excluded players

If you’re self-excluded by means of Gamstop but are ready to start playing slots games again, then you’ll benefit hugely from these sites which offer Starburst not on Gamstop. The sites on our list take a keen interest in protecting player welfare, and if you need to self-exclude again, they will make it easy for you. Unlike with Gamstop sites that offer Starburst slots, though, you won’t be irredeemably excluded from the point of signing up until the exclusion period expires.

Plenty of other NetEnt games

Although your first priority might be finding solutions to let you play Starburst not on Gamstop, there are plenty of other games available from NetEnt, who developed the Starburst slot along with many other games. NetEnt are one of the best, most versatile game developers currently available, and their list of titles includes Gonzo’s Quest, Divine Fortune and Koi Princess, which are popular Starburst slots alternatives.

Plenty of depositing options

When you want to play Starburst slots, you would like to be able to move quickly and get to the fun stuff as soon as possible. This is only going to be made harder if your options for depositing in the casino are limited. That’s something that won’t happen with these sites. You can deposit by a wide range of different methods – far more than are on offer at Gamstop casinos offering Starburst slots – and can then get on with doing what you came to do, which is play slot games.

There’s a growing number of new sites

Having to abide by the very strict rules of the UKGC has meant that there are few new operators launching in the UK because it is hard to stand out and do something new and impressive. Meanwhile, if you want to play Starburst not on Gamstop, you’ll see new sites popping up all the time. Many of the casinos on our existing list are quite new themselves, and they are being joined by other sites offering the Starburst slot and similar titles for a growing audience.

Regulated and licensed casinos

While Gamstop helps a lot of people stop gambling, a casino not being on Gamstop is not any indication that the site cannot be trusted. All it means is that the casino is located outside of the UK, and is not beholden to the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission which operates Gamstop. These casinos where you can play the Starburst slot are still fully regulated and operate under licences. We will not recommend a casino that does not have a licence, because it is important that you should be safe when you play Starburst slot games. 

Disadvantages of playing non Gamstop Starburst 

Of course, nothing is without its risks and its difficulties, and when it comes to playing Non Gamstop slots you do need to know what the disadvantages are. They shouldn’t necessarily put you off playing, or make you think that the average slot not on Gamstop isn’t for you, but knowing what to look out for is something that can never be bad. The more you know, the better choices you can make.

No overall self-exclusion program

If you do have a gambling problem, the benefit of Gamstop is that with one click of a mouse, it excludes you from all participating online bookmakers and casinos. Which, in the UK, is all of them. You can’t just jump from one UK online casino to another because Gamstop has blocked you from your first choice. When you’re playing slots not on Gamstop and you want to stop, you need to contact the casino directly and ask for self-exclusion. They’ll put this in place, but you’ll still be able to play at other Non Gamstop sites because there is no overall program. What you may be able to do is ask at your chosen casino if they operate other sites and request that you be barred from those as well. But it’s still harder to do it this way.

Some elements of verification may be left out

This is just a fact, and in truth it is a reason why many people prefer to play a slot not on Gamstop. We don’t like to hand over personal details, so a shorter verification process makes sense for a lot of people. However, there are genuine benefits to some elements of the verification process, which you may not appreciate until it works against you. If you’re playing at a no-verification casino and someone hacks your account, how can you ever prove it wasn’t you?

Harder to win big money

This point is more anecdotal than the others, but many Starburst slots players argue that when they play at Non Gamstop sites in general, big payouts are less common. While we play casino games for fun, there is no denying that things are more fun the more you win, so playing Non Gamstop Starburst slots isn’t always going to work in your favour the way you hope it is going to. This doesn’t mean you’ll never win big at these sites, it’s just more difficult.

No UKGC protection

The UKGC have their negative points, and we could go over those again and again, but there is a benefit to their existence that shouldn’t go unmentioned. If you have an issue with a UK casino and need help to get it remedied, then the UKGC being in your corner is of definite use. As the licence-issuing body, the UKGC holds a lot of sway with UK casinos, and raising an issue with them – or even suggesting you might – often gets UK casinos to treat your complaint more seriously. That’s not something you can necessarily count on with other licensing authorities, who may be hard to get hold of or have limited enforcement options with a UK-based Starburst slot customer.

It should be remembered that these issues above are relatively minor, but they are good reasons that you should remain cautious when playing Starburst slots at a Non Gamstop casino. At least until you get the hang of these casinos, it is worth only depositing a certain amount to begin with, and playing Starburst slots in short bursts initially. In the fullness of time, if you play at the listed casinos, you’ll find Non Gamstop Starburst slots to be as safe and as fun as anywhere else. But as with Gamstop Starburst slots, operating a modicum of caution is never a bad thing.

Starburst slots alternatives

If you want to try other games from the makers of Starburst slots, then the following are some of NetEnt’s other popular titles, and are well worth your time.

  • Narcos
  • Koi Princess
  • Fruit Shop
  • Vikings
  • Dead or Alive 2

Non Gamstop Starburst slots FAQ

Are Non Gamstop Starburst slots safe?

Yes, they absolutely are. There is nothing to be concerned about at all in the game of Starburst itself. Furthermore, NetEnt are a trusted casino gaming provider, who make their games available to some of the top names in the world of online casino gaming. They are not about to make their Starburst slot, nor any of their other award-winning games, available to casinos that do not meet their own high standards for gaming partners. So when you see Starburst slots available on a website, you can be confident about that site overall.

Can I play Non Gamstop Starburst for free?

Yes. We can’t say for sure about every casino that carries the game, but at every one that we’ve tried, there is a free version of the game that allows you to try it before you pay to play. This will give you a feel and appreciation for Starburst games and their winning patterns before you have to put money down to play it. You can get a feel for how much you enjoy Starburst slots before you have to take the game a bit more seriously.

What are the Starburst alternatives I can play online?

There are thousands of online casino slots games, and almost every casino site out there has a total of at least several hundred that you can play. It’s never a bad idea to try out other NetEnt slot games when you want to change things up a little. These include the ones named above, featuring TV tie-ins like Narcos and Vikings as well as cute character-led games such as Koi Princess. Of course, for many people, the main game they want to play is simply Starburst, but it’s good to know what the Starburst providers have other tricks up their sleeves.

What is the best casino site for Non Gamstop Starburst?

There are many sites worth trying if you want to play Non Gamstop Starburst, and we’ve listed several options above for slots not on Gamstop. We would particularly recommend those that we have listed, but we’re conscious that different people have different tastes, and would simply recommend that you have a look at the casinos we recommend and make your own choice based on your priorities. Whether that be bonus offers, range of slot machines, alternatives to Starburst games, or anything else, just be confident that you’ll have a great time at any of these sites.

Are these online casino games only on Non Gamstop sites?

No, in truth, you will find these games on most slots sites, including those that have Gamstop membership. It helps to recognise that there really isn’t that much difference between slots not on Gamstop and those which are – the only real differences are the place from which they get their licences and a few other minor details. The playing experience will be much the same – and if you are self-excluded via Gamstop, then you will have the chance to play the games you love on a casino that lets you play them.

Are there any sites you haven’t listed offering the Starburst game?

There almost certainly are at least several casinos we haven’t covered. This is a big world with a lot of countries in it, so there are bound to be some places we haven’t listed. We also haven’t listed any non-licensed casinos, because we fundamentally disagree with them existing. For the most part, you won’t find Starburst at unlicensed casinos, because NetEnt won’t license their games to illegal casinos, but you may find that some use the game via pirated software. We strongly recommend that you only play at Starburst sites which are fully licensed and have the licence displayed on their sites. That’s the safe way to play.


We all love classic slots like Starburst games, and we believe that playing these games at Non Gamstop sites is a great way to experience them. Playing at the best sites makes for a better gaming experience, and the casinos on our list are some of the best sites out there – we would wholeheartedly recommend that you take the chance to play the game with them.

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