US Sees Real Money Casinos Growth

It has been an exciting few years for iGaming as services have grown exponentially in a relatively short period of time as disruptions to brick and mortar locations led to many players turning to online alternatives – as these increased player numbers have stuck around, it has led to a thriving online casino space in many locations that had been reluctant to make the change previously with real money casinos in the US growing in particular at sites like Casino Genie – but what other factors have helped to influence the growth of real money casinos in the US?

Fast changes to regulation – Over the past 4 years there have been major adjustments to regulation in different US states to allow online sports betting and online gambling to change – whilst sports betting has been the main target, online casinos have also been seeing different reforms to in order to widen their access across the US – with sports betting online becoming so successful, there are many expectations that online casinos will also follow a similar path and find more legalization across the country within the coming years too – but as it stands, there are already a wide variety of online real money casinos in the US.

Demographics in gamers are changing – Another important factor has been the changing demographics found in gamers too particularly throughout the US – there has been a steady increase in players over the age of 34 turning to mobile gaming in particular and this has helped real money casinos grow considerably – it is now suggested that over 50% of gamers surpass this age bracket, and with more free time and disposable income it has helped this new demographic thrive in genres that may not have been as well represented with a younger audience.

More awareness than ever before – Similarly, more eyes than ever before are looking at real money casinos in the US and online betting too – sports teams are becoming increasingly sponsored by them as are big events and it’s showing players the vast variety of different services and operators available – this is being seen across most of the world too and not just the US, and it’s helping new players discover opportunities online as well as take advantage of unique offers that are only found through these online real money casinos in the US too.

Recent studies have also suggested that there is a changing public sentiment with growing trust and growing willingness to play online too causing a shift away from the belief that some of these real money casinos online operated in a grey area, and this has had a large impact on those willing to participate too, especially over the past few years.

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