Types of Slots Explained

At both online and offline casinos, slots games are often amongst the most played games available as they’re easy to understand and don’t require any deeper knowledge of game theory or skill – simply pull the leaver, or click the button, and the game plays itself. There’s a huge amount of variety in slots games that can dramatically change the experience too, though, and more recent innovations have led to more exciting changes in slots games too – so what should players be on the look out for when trying to find the best type of slots games for their own playing opportunities?

Three-reel slots – Modelled after the classic original Fruit Machine games, these slots games will be the most familiar to any player that sees them – whilst the online options have modernized and offer different themes and styles, the gameplay remains very much the same with the pay line coming from landing three symbols in a row with the centre line often being the one line that pays out, although there are some different variations here too. They’re a great way to get started with slots and tend not to push the boat out there with something that may be difficult to understand.

Five-reel slots – In an expansion from the more traditional option, five-reel slots games which are often referred to as video slots add a number of different variations – pay lines can increase up to 100 different options leading to more winning combinations, and with more winning opportunities the pay tables also change. Modern spins on these type of slots allow for some reels to be frozen, or for additional modifiers to be used that can also impact the final pay too – whilst it may seem daunting at first, much of the information including pay tables being available outside of the game.

Megaways slots – One of the latest entries and innovations in slots games, Megaways options can often bring a number of different modifiers and dramatically change the way slots games are played by impacting the number of reels, and the number of symbols that can appear from spin to spin. It also changes the way pay lines function with multiple chances to win on adjacent reels too and have become the most popular type of slot game in recent years – whilst they are more complex than the traditional 3-reel slots games option, they can also bring in a lot more excitement too and certainly worth giving a try if not yet experienced.

Slots will continue to be one of the genres that changes a lot of as new and experienced players are always looking for something new and something exciting, so keep an eye out for big innovation in this space.

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