Lucky Charms for Casino Players

Whether through themes on different games or through physical objects that players may have once taken to the casino, lucky charms play a huge role in the playing mentality for many players and if a game features some of these symbols or charms, it’s certainly more likely an option to play at. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular lucky charms present in online gaming, and where their origins may be rooted.

Four-leaf Clover – Whilst it does have some stronger ties to Irish tradition, the four-leaf clover is probably one of the most recognizable lucky charms worldwide, and something that has been used extensively for a number of the biggest gaming options at casinos since their inception. With the chance to find a four-leaf clover being 1 in 5076, in exemplifies good luck and shows why so many players will use it as their go-to lucky object, or lucky game.

Rabbit’s Foot – Another popular symbol in gaming and a physical one to carry too, the rabbit’s foot has long been a symbol associated to gamblers and players looking to keep some lucky. There are a number of suggestions to why this can be rooted to good luck with some origins in totemism, and others from protection, it’s a well-known symbol, and one that has frequently appeared in many different online games.

Laughing Buddha – Whilst not so much of a physical object that players would carry around, as that would be a bit more hefty than other options, it has been a symbol for wealth and prosperity – more commonly depicted now with a pot of gold or golden nuggets, the laughing buddha symbol has been another big theme for many games over the years to attract those seeking good luck.

Carp Scale – This one may be more on the niche side than others, but certainly has its root in different cultures as the carp scale is a lucky charm that is believed to attract wealth and prosperity – kept after a Christmas meal where carp or fish may be eaten, holding onto the scale is said to bring good luck and fortune – and if the appearance of games with carp at the casino may have seemed strange, this is the reason why.

Horseshoe – Last but probably not least comes the horseshoe as another of the most well-known lucky symbols, one that can be carried around and one that has featured prominently in gaming too – orientation does matter however so better keep that horseshoe in the u-shaped position. Whilst there is a lot of history around why the horseshoe is lucky, it has become universally recognised and one of the options that’s truly believed to hold plenty of good fortune.

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