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How does Football Betting Work?

The first duty of anyone who wants to bet on football is to know how it works. This will help in decision making, and further boost your chances of winning. In this article, we are set to give you the details of how football non gamstop betting works.  This knowledge will prevent you from making irrational decisions when betting on football matches.

The majority of the top-rated sportsbook designed their football bets in a similar manner. This enables old and new customers to channel their bet efficiently.  The games list for football betting options starts with the most appealing markets.  Below are the explanations of how the common football bet works:

  • 1×2 betting

This is the easiest and the most common form of football bet. You have to predict the outcome of the match correctly to get a return.

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  • Double Chance

In this case, you have to predict correctly, just like 1×2 betting. However, your prediction will be in three selections.  Unfortunately, the odds are remarkably reduced because the outcomes are grouped in twos.

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  • Draw No Bet

This is another type of football betting that you need to know.  It removes draw from the selections available.  Bear in mind that your stakes will be refunded if the match you bet on ends without a winner.

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  • Both teams to score

This is abbreviated as BTTS. It is a popular football bet that is used as a base for others as well as different promotions.  This bet involves choosing between yes and no.  The ‘yes’ option win when both teams score in the game, while the ‘no’ option wins when there is a goalless draw or at least one zero in the game.

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  • Handicap

Another type of football betting that you need to know is handicap. This gives an upper hand to one of the team beforehand.  In football betting, handicap is an advantage that is usually applied to the final result of the match.  The typical handicap value in football is 1.

For instance, you can bet on Manchester United match against Liverpool with a handicap value of 1.  For your bet to be successful, Manchester United must win with at least two goals.

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  • Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap also favors one of the teams in advance.  However, the draw is removed in the process. The Asian handicap is also quite different from the standard handicap because it comprises two values, one half number, and a whole number.

Standard Terms used in Football betting

Stake – This is the amount of money you wager, meaning that the amount that you stand to win or lose in a bet.

Accumulator –This means a series of single bet that is grouped.

Banker- It means something extremely close to certainty.

Score cast- It involves betting on the first player to score as well as the score prediction.

Win cast – It is similar to Score cast because you bet on the player to score.  Instead of predicting the score, you only need to predict the winner.

Bankroll – The total amount of money you have bet with

24 Hours Rule –  This means your prediction is still valid within 24 hours if a match is postponed.


Knowing how football betting works will go a long way to increasing your chances of winning your bets. You will get used to the terms and common type of football betting when you bet regularly at a top-rated bookmaker.

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