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Gambling is fun, but only if you do it for sole entertainment purposes. Unfortunately for some out there, gambling has gotten a hold of their lives and they have become addicted to it. Gambling addiction is a real social problem in today’s society, triggering multiple responses from governmental and non-governmental bodies alike ato stamp it. Families with members addicted to gambling can attest to the harm that gambling addiction does not only to oneself but to his or her loved ones as well. There are multiple programs out there that are supposed to help one with their addiction.

In this article, I will be introducing a program called Gamblock and also be highlighting the special features of Gamblock and why it stands out among the other programs out there. If you know someone who is at risk of gambling addiction or already knows someone who is an addiction, this article is for you!

How does it work?

The answer to online gambling problems is to get in early before the problem worsens as is the case with many punters who keep searching for betting sites that are not on gamstop or other self-exclusion platforms despite wanting to stop. The short term effects of online gambling could potentially cost you a valuable career, reputation relationships and worse, your own life. Gamblock is a full blocking system based on multiple sophisticated heuristics. The program is proxy proof which is crucial since proxy sites allow you to bypass whatever restrictive program that you may have installed, thereby defeating the purpose of that program.

Gamblock also does not rely on VPN and hence users who are thinking of circumventing it through the usage of a foreign VPN shall find it futile. Changing DNS settings will also not allow you to subvert it. It prevents factory reset which lets you keep all your files while re-installing Windows complete with updates. These are usually the first things people try as a means of bypassing their restrictions to continue gambling.

Essentially, Gamblock blocks your access to online gambling. Through the usage of sophisticated analyses that block new gambling sites and software, they eliminate a potentially vulnerable time for users. The program searches the data in each page requested for viewing on the internet. After this, it heuristically assesses the page on whether it has the potential of drawing you into gambling. Depending on the platform or browser, the user is directed to safe sites, while the tab is blocked or restricted. It also blocks gambling apps and other non-browser based online gambling activities.

Also, it can block phone calls as well as texts to and from gambling vendors. Gamblock will even diagnose and consequently block new gambling sites and apps that have been released after installation. This means that sites are blocked as soon as they are released before you can even access them. However, it does not interfere with the ability to view other sites and provides the ability to send reports.

Watch – How to easily install Gamblock

Pros & Cons

Now, you must be a wonder. With the whole spectrum of programs out in the market, why should I choose Gamblock? Indeed, there is a whole spectrum of restriction programs out there, catered for various needs. Thereby, before you commit to a program, you should be clear of the objectives that you want to achieve. Having a clear objective is important, not only for selecting a suitable program but also to ensure that you follow through with what you have committed to. In this paragraph, The casino experts behind maximumcasinos be listing down some of the pros and cons of Gamblock. The one thing that I like about Gamblock is its ability to pre-empt any new gambling-related site even before I get to access it. Most of the other programs out there require you to manually key in the websites that you want to be blocked from.

Otherwise, these programs are unable to detect new websites whether they are also non gamstop sites or not. Another feature is that Gamblock can sieve out the genuine websites from the fake ones. Given the advancement in technology, online casino operators are also smart enough to bypass these restrictions to allow gamblers to access their websites. However, Gamblock can tell the difference! Nothing, literally nothing gets past it. Another aspect of Gamblock that we like is the easy option to download the App and install it on any device you use and in addition, the usage of advance heuristics to detect these websites. Through the reliance on such high technological developments, it gives me the confidence that Gamblock will always be ahead of those online casino developers. The downside of Gamblock would be the price. It is relatively pricier compared to similar programs out there. Nevertheless, the features of it do deserve such a price.

Period of time the program blocks/bans the gambler

Currently, month protection would cost you around USD 16.80. You can choose from a wide range of periods from one month to a maximum of 60 months! The good news is that it really works! And that you can sync this across all your devices. Hence, you are only required to pay once. There are different durations of protections for different programs. For example, the non-Samsung android protection has a maximum protection period of 24 months, while the android managed exclusion has a maximum protection period of 12 months. Therefore, before you commit to a single program, you must understand what you want to achieve.


All in all, we all need some form of external help to keep ourselves discipline on our road to recovery. Gamblock does exactly that as many users report. With such a powerful system on our side, it does indeed boost one’s confidence in overcoming our addiction. The ability to detect and pre-empt any potential websites filled with gambling related content is the most powerful feature of Gamblock. No other programs are out there that can achieve that degree of accuracy as compared to Gamblock. The reason for this is the usage of advance heuristics in sieving out these potential gambling websites.

Furthermore, its ability to prevent bypasses is crucial especially when our willpower is waning and our old ways start to emerge again. Therefore, for those who are facing gambling problems, I strongly encourage you to give Gamblock a try and feel for yourself the power of technology on your side. I ensure you that it will be a huge confidence booster.

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