Debunking Online Casino Myths

Online casinos have grown considerably in a relatively short period of time as many of the biggest services welcome hundreds to thousands of new players per day – this has also meant that many new players who may not have been exposed to gambling before are running into things that more experienced players have dealt with for a longer time, leading to increasing numbers of myths and misunderstandings too – but which are the biggest online casino myths, and do they hold any truth?

Online casinos are more addictive – One of the biggest myths out there is that online casinos can be more addictive than offline counter-parts, this may simply be due to the easily accessible nature or the ability to jump in and play at any time – there have even been studies conducted on this topic too. There has been no truth found in that statement however, and many online services will even offer a number of different tools that monitor player behaviour and encourage the players or even block in some instances any ability to play and give a cool off period to protect them.

Online casinos are less safe than offline alternatives – In the early days of online casinos this may have been true as the space was still developing and any service could open a casino at will, but this has become much tougher over time and new regulation and changes to the way online licensing has worked means that services are extremely safe. Many of the biggest online casinos are also part of bigger organisations that have physical locations too, and the credentials can always be checked online at any time from a central database.

Online gambling encourages underage players – This is a myth that has been gaining traction in recent years with the rise of microtransactions and gambling styled features in modern gaming, but online casinos have to follow strict procedures for authenticating a players age and a responsibility to ensure every player that joins is allowed to play – whilst underage players may be exposed as they have been for years to popular culture, measures are taken to ensure only players of legal age gain access.

The list for myths continues to grow too, particularly with waves of new players seeking out a big win online, but for much of what is said it’s largely just rumour or players having a bad day or negative experience – particularly those who may have just suffered a frustrating loss.

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