Common Slots mistakes to avoid

People who frequent online casinos to play slot games generally know, and accept, that the slots are among the games with the highest house edge in a casino. You would stand a better chance of winning on pretty much any of the table games, but people play slots for a range of reasons, including the opportunity to win more in a single spin than you’d ever be likely to win in twenty hands of blackjack. It’s simply a fact that slots are the most popular games in online casinos – even taking the house edge into account.

The fact that you’re playing a game with a high house edge, though, is no good reason to allow the house to keep making the edge higher and higher. This is what a lot of people do when they play slots without due care and attention. You can increase your chances of a win if you do the right things on online slots, and more importantly avoid doing all the wrong things. This is something that is entirely possible for you to do, and we can help with some of the most egregious online slots mistakes.

Thinking a slot “has to pay soon”

If you’ve spun a slots game 20, 50, even a hundred times without any payoff, you may be prone to thinking “it’s gone so long without paying, it’s got to pay … soon”. Let’s get one thing absolutely clear. There is as much chance of the slot paying on your next spin as there was on any of the previous hundred spins. It might happen! It also might not, and that’s more likely. Allow yourself a certain number of spins, based on your budget, to try and win at a slot of your choice. If you don’t win, move on. You’re not “due” anything and you shouldn’t waste money trying to force it.

Hitting the Max Bet button

Some game providers have phased out the Max Bet button, but it still appears from time to time, and if you’re lucky it will increase your bet amount to the maximum – usually about £100 – and then let you spin. Or, ideally, not spin. Because it is easy to hit the Max Bet by accident, and on some machines, it will both increase your bet and spin the reels. If you don’t win – and chances are that you won’t – that’s a very annoying way to lose £100 and there is probably no chance you’re getting it back. How are you going to prove you hit it accidentally?

Playing your bonus without reading the Ts and Cs

Terms and conditions are so much a part of any offer that they’ve become something of a joke. People just say “yeah, yeah” and click whatever they have to click to get the bonus, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Because breaching those terms and conditions can void the entire bonus and instead of using your bonus money to bet on a slot, you’re suddenly using your own money.

That’s a particular problem because one way of voiding the Ts and Cs is betting more than the maximum amount stipulated. So you might think you’re betting £20 of casino money, but it’s actually your money, and it’s £20 more every time you spin. Some casinos auto-stop you doing this, but not all do – and it can be costly.