Gambling is an extremely fun social activity, which gets your adrenaline going and also the potential to make money out of it. However, as with everything, when overdone can result in pretty severe consequences. Gambling addiction is something that plagues multiple societies today and governments and non-governmental agencies have been trying to rectify it. Families with members addicted to gambling can attest to the harm that gambling addiction does not only to oneself but to his or her loved ones as well. There are multiple programs out there that are supposed to help one with their addiction. In this article,  We at maximumcasinos will be introducing to you a free software called Betblocker which provides a free and simple solution in helping gambling addicts overcome their addiction. If you know someone who is at risk of gambling addiction or someone who is already addicted, then this article will be of interest to you.

How does it work?

As with everything, the best solution to anything is prevention. However, when things have already happened, the only thing that you can do is to find a solution to rectify it. Nevertheless, solutions can be pretty costly especially when it comes to technology. Fortunately, a group of kind-hearted people decided that they were going to create software to help gambling addicts restrict their exposure to gambling sites. Therefore, Betblocker was created! An entirely free software, once downloaded from the Appstore or from the web, it helps to prevent thousands of gambling-related material from being accessed. Feel free to download it across multiple devices regardless of whether you are an IOS or Android user.

Since it is free, its operation funds come mainly from donations. Therefore, if you downloaded the program and feel like you have benefitted from it, it will be nice to offer a small donation, just to keep it running. Once you have downloaded the software, you will not be allowed to premature uninstall the software, but can only wait for the selected restriction duration to expire.

For those who are concerned about their personal information, fret not because no personal information is collected about their users. The program is used entirely in anonymity. There is no request for email addresses, phone numbers, names or any other information that could be used to identify the users. For those who may feel embarrassed about declaring their gambling addiction, you would be elated with this piece of information. Betblocker runs entirely in the background, giving you the freedom to work on other things without worrying about annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

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Pros & Cons

Given the myriad of anti-gambling software in the market today, it is important to choose the correct software. However, before we can do so, we need to be aware of our needs so that the selected software can provide a targeted solution to our needs. Nevertheless, given that Betblocker is free, and can be  there is no harm in downloading it and dowloaded to your mobile as well. This is exactly the best part that I like about Betblocker.

Despite it being free software, it can provide the basic support for those who are looking for a way to kick their addiction and to stop gambling at sites that are not on gamstop or other self-exclusion platforms. However, also do note that as it is free software, we should not be expecting it to comprise any sort of advance technology. For example, the list of online gambling sites that Betblocker restricts has to be manually updated. Given the fast-changing technological scene and the internet world, there may inevitably be lapses in its programmed restrictions, especially for newer websites that the existing list has failed to capture. Also, while some programs can detect and block any form of gambling advertisements, Betblocker does not have that capability. This means that one could

still see gambling-related advertisements on sites unrelated to online gambling. Despite its cons, I feel that Betblocker, being free software, can offer a pretty decent service already.

Period of time the program blocks/bans the gambler

There is a wide range of gambling self-restriction options available when activating a self- restriction. The shortest duration is that of a day or you can choose to restrict it forever. The period of ‘forever’ will last for a minimum of 5 years. After this, you will be able to lift your self-restriction if you can enter the password of your account correctly.

However, once you have activated a gambling self-restriction, the only way to end it is to wait until your selected gambling self-restriction period has concluded. For ethical reasons and the protection of problem gamblers, the support team is not obliged or will they under any circumstances assist a user to disable an active restriction. This is great news for anyone trying to stop gambling since on like gamban or gamstop where you can find betting sites not on gamstop to bet, here you will not be able to find a way around it until your subscription is over.  So before deciding on the duration, do make sure that you are ready to commit to it. At any point, while you have an active restriction, you can extend the length of it, and the new duration will be implemented immediately.

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In conclusion, it is of paramount significance that one exercises responsible for gambling. It is extremely detrimental for one to be addicted to gambling. Most of the existing case studies related to gambling addiction has often resulted in tragedies. Not only are you inflicting harm to your well-being, but you are also inflicting harm to your loved ones. Many attempts have been made by different gambling authorities to help gamblers stop. For example, the UK has put out a new restriction on credit cards banning them from use at all online casinos. So there are people out there who are helping the cause! If you can only gamble with credit cards, there are still a few left where you can deposit and withdraw using making them credit card casinos.

If you ever find yourself at risk of becoming addicted to gambling or know someone who is addicted already, do them a favour and impose some sort of restriction on them. If you are unwilling to pay for an online software restrictive program or are sceptical about the effects of it, you can always try Betblocker which is free of charge without any hidden fees. While the software may be lacking in being constantly updated on all the latest online casino sites, given that it is a free program, I think that it is pretty decent. We can all do with a little support sometimes, especially when dealing with addiction, relying on one’s willpower may not be sufficient otherwise extremely painful. So why not seek a little help?

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